Saab US sales data – April 2011

April 2011 Combined Sales: 696; April 2010 Combined Sales: 215; +224%
YTD 2011: 2,765; YTD 2010: 346; +699%

I think the YTD for 2010 is wrong. They don’t seem to add the cars of the GM months.
Using the January and February numbers the YTD reads as follows.

YTD 2011 2,765; YTD 2010 956; +185%

Breakdown by model

April 2011 Saab 9-5 Sales: 123, YTD 2011: 450

April 2011 Saab 9-3: 573, YTD 2011: 2,315

36 thoughts on “Saab US sales data – April 2011”

  1. Better than I expected, considering the turmoil for most of April. Will be interesting to see what the model breakdown is. I’ve seen a couple TV ads promoting the special lease on the 9-5. Having said this, I pray the sales numbers break four digits soon.

    On that topic, does anyone know when the first 9-4Xs are hitting dealers? It was supposed to be this month but is that still on target?

  2. Very curious to see how many 9-5s were sold, I haven’t seen a single one yet and there are a fair amount of Saabs here in San Francisco. By comparison to another Swede, I’ve seen so many new Volvo S60s that I’ve stopped counting and that’s not a cheap car anymore either and hasn’t been on the market as long.

  3. I’ve been lucky enough to see a few new 9-5’s around the Philadelphia suburbs….

    good numbers… lets hope the 9-4X really adds to the total!

    • Good to hear, I just moved to SF from Chicago and was recently home to visit. Kept an eagle eye out for 9-5s as I know how much Chicagoans like Saab but didn’t see any. Hopefully next time!

    • I know with our 8 or so dealers and inventory there has to be some out there however I have seen NONE in the area yet and I’m quite cognizant of the vehicles around me.
      Even have a nice 9-5 billboard ad a couple blocks from me and just down the street from Perillo Saab–quite nice!

  4. In March we saw a new one new 9-5 in Sienna Italy behind the cathedral? Does that count?

    (Have not seen any in Montreal, BUT I did see that the SAAB logo appears at the end of a very popular TV program on HGTV (Homes and Gardens TV)-Canada–obviously not an expensive presence but a good target group–homeowners, people who renovate, etc.).

  5. okay- we is there still not build and spec out the 9-4x on the usa site? And to make matters worse- the colors selction is down to 4- non metallic white, silver, moorland and black. And if you reference the international sitethe dark blue has been deleted- but atleast the metallic white, grey and red (the only real color) are still able to be selected on the image.

    Let’s face it we’ve been holding our breath for a real advertising campaign…
    1.the music needs to be So Alive by Love and Rockets.
    2. SAAB needs to show value. Pull a page from Hyundai’s playbook. guarentee the 4, 5 and 6 year trade in values of cars’ residuals for the next trade-in. This builds frequency of trade-ins and instills confidence.
    3. Generate foot trafic into the dealerships. Do the buying public even know where their SAAB dealers are still located? You need to find a reason for them to go there. Give away three SAABs- a loaded 9-5 aero, a loaded 9-3 aero and a loaded 9-4x aero. Give away one a month- no purchase required but a testdrive is required. One entry per month per visit- that’ll get them to come back and back. I know i would. Heck I’d drive to philly to find Stingray’s dealer for an extra three chance to win. Sure the right off about $150,000 MSRP- (they get to write down the full stiker price despite the cars featuring 10,000-13,000 in incentives now to move them out the door.

    Thank goodness the cars starting to move. I’m eager to see the 9-4x in Carlisle later this month. Rant over.

  6. In a related note, Cadillac saw increased sales of the SRX, which should bode well for the 9-4x. It managed to be the number one seller for Cadillac in April 2011 with 4,380 sales. It’s amazing to me that the uglier, more expensive version of Saab’s 9-4x can manage to sell 5 times as many cars as Saab can sell as a whole in the US. Let’s hope Saab gets the marketing right with the 9-4x this time.

    • It should say a lot about the US market that the SRX is climbing in sales (inspite of or despite rising gas prices) and is only 180 units behind the CTS which offers coupe , sportwagon, and sedan models with three different engine displacement.

      So my questions…
      What is the production capacity of the plant? Could the SRX popularity hamper allocating more 9-4x production? Does anyone remember what the minimum production numbers are that were reported? 10k, 12.5k, 15k and 18k in the fourth year stick in my head.

  7. Question??? When will the 2011.5 or 2012 SAAB 9.3 Griffin XWD be arriving on US soil?? USA market???

          • Im here 74StingSab. Am on vacation in England at the moment and have yet to see a single new 9-5. I could rent one for $200 a day plus the price of gas (it aint pretty the price of gas here). Brilliant sunshine since I have been here and not a drop of rain but plenty of beer and wine has come my way.

            FWIW the perception is that the new 9-5 is overpriced in the US hence low sales. But Saabs biggest issue is a lack of advertising in the NA market. You have to speculate to accumulate and there doesnt seem to be an awful lot of either going on. The current issues at Saab are not good publicity for the brand and are at the centre of a lot of its problems at the moment.

            If I do rent a 9-5 then I will def send pics to the SU team.

    • Listen, I don’t think everyone envisioned the 9-5 being a huge seller here. The similarly sized A6 makes up less than 15% of Audi’s volume here. What is the 9-5 making up of Saab’s sales? About 20%…

      This is a Saab awareness thing. I keep saying over and over that US luxury buyers don’t buy cars, they buy brands. They say, “I want an Audi” or “I want a Volvo” and then buy the vehicle of that brand that appeals to them. That’s why it’s no accident that 50% or so of every maker’s volume are CUV’s and why no one CUV is cleaning up over others. That’s just the vehicle the brand buyers are selecting, probably at the expense of other lines.

      So if we want more 9-5 sales, then we need more Saab brand awareness and advertising. About 20% of those new buyers will choose a mid-range sized vehicle, about what takes place in this market.

      • ya know, I never really thought of it that way, but it makes A LOT of sense! Saab needs to up their advertising a lot more in the US.

        That being said, I HAVE seen several 9-5 billboards in NJ/NY, which were in prime locations on major thruways and areas that get tons of traffic.

        but Saab needs to really do better with TV, internet, and radio ads. Not just newspaper and billboard to attract those “brand dwellers” that can say “I want a Saab”.

  8. As always, I think they should reduce MSRP to increase volume. Promotion isn’t worth much if the people are not attracted by (1) the car and (2) the price. I think the cars are attractive. The MSRP is above Acura and VW. VW has sold vehicles more premium than any Saab (i.e., Phaeton). So I don’t feel wrong about mentioning VW. I think Saab volume would triple if they price more aggressively. Note, they are already discounting to those price levels anyway.

    • The Phaeton, which by all accounts is/was a very good car, did not sell well at all. Consumers looked at the price and the badge and instead went with cars that had the pedigree to carry the cost of ownership – Audi, BMW, Merc, Lexus. VW stretched beyond their equity and failed.

      • The Phaeton had a base flaw from its inception, it was way too heavy, almost 2.5t, against an Audi A8 that was 1.9t. Initially it was available mainly as a 12-cylinder, and only over the years an adequate engine supply with efficient 6-cylinder Diesel and 8-cylinder gasoline engines were added. Now the Phaeton sells very well …. in China.

    • And while the Phaeton was a great car and excellent value it was a flop.

      VW DOES NOT compete with Saab, it competes with Audi. It kills me how some people keep trying to say that…

    • Ironic that you guys mention the Phaeton right above someone who posted about lease prices. When the Phaeton launched, VW made a huge blunder in the US by taking nearly all of the allotted money for advertising and allocating it towards lower lease deals to get the car on the roads. As a result, the public had a hard time accepting the premiumness of it, and it failed miserably in the US. Meanwhile, Hyundai has spent a fortune on promoting the Genesis and it’s competing extremely well for pretty high prices against European competition. Just wait until you see the campaign for their Equus (S-Class/7-Series competitor).
      Saab needs to get marketing right and point out their exclusivity. One of the main reasons people buy these expensive sedans is because they want to drive something few others can. Saab has a built in guarantee that you’re going to be one of the few on the road, sort of like Maserati or Jaguar. They also are not trying to produce 1,000,000 cars a year, they’re content around 150,000. That’s worth something, and I have yet to hear them once promote it on any advertising.

  9. In the US market, in this “luxury” segment, its all about leasing. Its rare indeed for folks to purchase cars at this price point. And Saab is at a disadvantage when you can lease a comparable BMW 3 series convertible for the same or less than a Saab 9-3 convertible. The prices have to be better than the competition. The issue however, is residuals. The low residuals for Saabs (which may not be assisted by the recent affairs in Trollhattan) drive the lease prices up and I am not sure how much Saab can afford to subvent the leases at this point. On the other hand, really aggressive leases and heavy subventing could get cars on the road and be advertising in and of itself.

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