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Saab builds once again cars, and maybe somebody noticed in some of my comments, my wife’s 9-3 Griffin will now be build. I’m not Victor Muller, so my car was not second in the row, but I’m sure that it will be build in the next one or two weeks. 🙂

And talking about Saab cars, it seem like classic Saabs are no more secure from car burglars. 🙁
A brown 1978 Saab 99 has been stolen in Brussels. It had Dutch plates 08-VR-00 and the VIN number is: 99782008818.

I think the owner will be very happy for any kind of hint.

There was a time were car builders were proud enough to build non mainstream cars. This was the case of the Dutch DAF and the DAF 55 Siluro. I know Saab is also building non mainstream cars, but I’m sure there are no parallels between DAF and Saab.

And some numbers for those that are so afraid that this restart is only the beginning of the end. Saab has to build some 5.000 cars that are already ordered, this is not like the Pang Da deal where Saab is getting the money upfront, but it is secured income. If we use the same unit price as for the Pang Da deal (1.300 units for € 30M) we see that those cars are worth €115M. We could add 1.600 9-4x to that, but I don’t know how much money for that car ends in a Saab account.

I know those €115M is not net profit, but it is money that will be used to pay the parts for the cars build after the summer break. And the income of that cars will pay the parts for the cars build later, yada-yada-yada.

So now that the production is rolling again, Saab has much more time to get all things done for a more solid long term finance situation.

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  1. A little off topic… I emailed TimR re this… but the top wide masthead and other large images within posts still go over the right hand column text (over there ——>). You need to address the coding that resizes the centre column here as it doesnt work for a Mac (using Safari and Firefox… same issue with FF being worse). Happy to give further feedback! Great site BTW too! 🙂


  2. Red J are your wife for sale to? cos mine drives a Opel Astra and I´m up for a swop:-)

    PS her car goes on only 3 cylinders at the moment but she refuse to sell it ( I kow it´s stupid but
    believe me I´ve tried everything I can to change her mind) DS

  3. Red, it’s important to add that these orders in the bank right now do not include all countries. Canada and the US have not been able to order 9-5 Sport Combis as of yet, which would considerably increase that order bank, Canada is going to be getting 2012 9-4X’s and has not been able to orders those yet. Canada is a small market right now, but believe me, the 9-4X will have lots of orders from Canadian dealers. It’s probably safe to say that Canada could have another 100-200 orders in place if we were able to order those 2 vehicles now and remember that’s with only 13 dealers. I really see the 9-4X as a volume vehicle for us and hopefully we will have great residuals on it for a lease program. I would think right now the only Canadian orders are on the 9-3 Indy. Red, you may not be VM, but that actually makes your car more important to Saab.

  4. That DAF Siluro is an absolute beauty! It is a concept though, never produced due to the high cost of it. My hometown Eindhoven isn’t a great touristic city (yet) but the DAF museum is well worth a visit. One of the men working at the museum approached me as I was staring at it for a while, opened it up for me to take a look inside. He kept talking about it, was great fun. Untill he told me the Siluro was the first car produced with extensive testing in a wind tunnel. I had to correct him for that of course.

  5. I just spent a week in Sweden (weekend in Stockholm) and I have to say I was surprised to see almost a dozen new 9-5 on the road. My favorite was a black 9-5 Aero I saw parked outside the Grand Hotel in Stockholm.

    I have to say, judging from the number of wagons I saw on the roads, that the 9-5 wagon will be really important to SAAB in Sweden.

    • I drove down the E6 from Gothenburg to Helsingborg on Thursday, and then back again on Sunday. That’s a motorway stretch of about 220 kms. I saw something like five or six new 9-5s each way. That may not sound like much, but to me it’s a substantial increase from a couple of months ago, when I rarely saw any at all outside of dealer lots. The funny thing is that almost all the 9-5s were white! Seems like that’s a bestselling colour, at least here in the west of Sweden.

      (I also did a lot of driving in Denmark over the weekend, but didn’t see a single new 9-5. But then I hadn’t really expected to.)

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