SU crew “a-la russe”

While TimR and Team are covering and commenting every official and not official news and snippets, I’d like to tell few words about myself!

My presence on SU is not visible for the moment but I hope to change the situation in the nearest future.

Some people may know me by my occasional comments during last two years under the nickname “svizzera”, some people have seen myself during the IntSaab2010 event at Interlaken…. Let me introduce myself.

 My name is Valeriy, I was born in St-Petersburg in 1983 , but when I was 1 year old, my family moved to Helsinki, after 4 years we moved to Moscow, than in Geneva, than back to Moscow where I’m living now!

I’m married to Marina, who’s tolerating my passion about Saabs  with great patience. Every workday I wear a suit with a tie and turn into a employee of structured finance department in a bank.

 My Saab story began at 2008 when my 9-3 SportCombi finally arrived in Moscow and I turned from a “Saab-Theorist” to “Saab-Practiciant”. It is my second car, the first was a Lada (as I’m Russian ;). My wife drives a Nissan Primera. I also have a vintage 80MY Lada in the garage.

 Since 2008 I’ve made two TransEuroTrips on board of my Saab (including Trollhattan and StGallen), attended the IntSaab 2010 event at Interlaken, made an extreme cold autorally Moscow-Stockholm in January’10.

 As my car is my passion, I try to find every possible way to pamper it. Hirsch Performance HQ at StGallen was visited twice (I hope there is more to come!!), where with Manfred’s and Marcel’s help some goodies were installed.

 I also help to run one of the Russian Saab forums. In Moscow I organized the photosession at Domodedovo Airport and Saab Support Convoy!

 I would like to apologize for my poor English in my posts – I will do my best!

 See you at SU pages and at the International Saab Meeting in Finland!!!

25 thoughts on “SU crew “a-la russe””

    • Thanks!

      It is a a Vector 175hp with the automatic gearbox with Hirsch wheels, exhaust, spoiler and front grille. No updates for the engine yet, but I have some thoughts!

  1. Welcome. I have to ask if you know Mr Antonov. Anyway we need to know more about him!
    I am driving my first Saab, too. I hope my next is the MY 2013 9-3 and I am based in greater Helsinki area.

    • Jarkko,

      As I’ve been the lucky one to introduce myself, shake hands and exchange a couple of words as Russian to Russian with Mr Antonov on 2010 Festival dinner’s porch, I felt that he’s really a good and sincere guy.

      BTW, my greetings to ValS-svizzera re joining such a great team!

      Pietari 🙂

    • =) Lada Niva is the only normal CAR which was developped XXX years ago by russian car manufactorer!

      During 2011 there were no Saabs sold in Russia, because there are no dealers. We have now the distributor – Armand-Import – which is arranging wit dealers etc.

      If you are interested in statistics for previous years – let me know, I’ll find it!

    • dear StefanH, we’ve got a distributor in Russia and…a lot of promises, for instance the first cars will appear in show rooms since May’11. But towards June no dealers – no cars and prices are not nominated yet. Pls. note sales of new cars in Russia have been stopped May 2010 and till now.

  2. Welcome on board! Good to have you with us. If only the EIB, GM and Swedish government would be as fast as we at SU to understand the positive effects of having Russia on board. 🙂 🙂

    And yes, my experiences tell me that the Lada Niva is a good car for it’s purpose. Nothing can stop it out in the terrain (at least not what I know so far).

  3. cheers Vals 🙂 which bank you work for? I also work in a bank, and since I had to sell my 93SS 2003 1,8t, last september, I cannot afford to buy another one, but… there’s still more to come 🙂 good luck!

  4. Hi Vals, great to see you in the team and many thanks for your activism. 🙂 The Russian online Saab community seems to be kind of separated from the other world and much on its own, so it is time to make bridges.

    Any plans of trips for this summer? I will be starting my second Trollhattan pilgrimage this weekend from Moscow. Maybe we manage to hook up this time? A pint at the Bishops Arms?

  5. Wonderful and sad is my comment on this website!

    Wonderful to find SAAB-friends all over the world that has intelligence 😉 enough to see the value in this amazing car!

    Sad to say that the country that gave birth to this more-than-just-an-other-car-idea just loves to hate what is successful. That´s Sweden in a nutshell 🙁

    However – this is my opportunity to find friends in Russia and Finland where I have relatives and my roots.

    Keep up the good work in Trollhättan and best wishes to a smart business, Antonov! Happy to se Russia drive a real car =)

  6. Greetings from Moscow:)
    It is very interesting to see that SU becomes more and more “united”.
    Congratulations ValS! Don’t you think there’s a few things on Saab 9-4x looks a bit like innovate 1976 Niva (rear lights, few form details)?
    I hope Armand will start the sales to the end of the summer, a lot of Russian Saab enthusiasts wanna test the all new 9-5, 9-4x and 9-3x. The last two have to be very popular, you understand it if you look at our roads (sad, but true). I’m also going to be a happy owner of 9-4 (hope they will return blue colour to the gamma) and test it on our “roads” and in European summer trip.
    Anyway, nice to see Russian guy as one of the SU team!

    • Hello!

      I hope that the 9-4x will have the only one thing in common with Niva – the popularity 🙂

      some people from Russia had already tested the 9-5NG in Europe ( I did it in Switzerland). There at least two 9-5NG in Moscow as far as I know.

      But of course we all wait for the offocial re-start!


  7. Vals your English is excellent. Wish I spoke Russian the way you speak English!
    My daughter-in-law speaks Russian-Latvian.

  8. Welcome aboard, Val.

    Nice car(s)!

    Is there _any_ doubt Saab will be a huge success in Russia,
    thanks to Vladimir Antonov?

    ummmmmm…..I don’t think so!

  9. Welcome ValS. It’s nice to see Russian people on SU. We are a lot of people here not having English as our native language.

  10. Val-
    Nice to see you on SU! Russian is one of my languages, so I don’t blame your grammar- My Russian grammar isn’t the best, either.

    I like your Combi!

  11. Privet!
    I’m from Moscow, been monitoring Saab websites for several years, tired waiting for Russian dealers, and bought a used Ice Blue Sportcombi three days ago.

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