SU meeting day 1, summary from a Fan.

It seams that everybody in Trollhattan had a very good day today.

One SU fan who went along to ANA sent us these words and a few pictures.

Thank you Thomas

Hey SU-People

First: Thanks for arranging these days and letting fans drive the great cars.

Me and my youngest kids were almost the first to arrive at SAAB ANA, in Trollhättan.

This was good because we had the opportunity, to take some pictures without too many persons in front of the cars and could speak to some of you guys.

Me and my parents have had a number of different SAAB:s, during a great number of years.

The great thing about the future is, that all in my family of 5 persons, like different kind of Saab:s.

For the moment we are longing for three of them, but the most likely next car will be a 9-3 Sedan.

A lot of things made it worth going to Trollhättan this day.

– Seeing the 9-4x in flesh = Great car, with very high class. Looks fantastic in white.

– 9-5 SC = Had my doubts, but it looks good, and it will be successful. (the color of the show car is however not my favorite one).

– 9-3 Cab = My children loves it.

– Driving the 9-3x = Looking for a 9-3 Sedan, and find only the exhaust noise to be too loud, on this one.

– Once again driving a 9-5 = This time a 9-5 Aero X. Fabulous car. Everyone should drive one.

While driving, we saw a 9-5 SC in red = Nice, is an underestimation, it was lovely.

– Speaking to some of the crew of SU = Great to hear about your efforts for SAAB.

– Speech made by Lars Carlström = Great speech, but unfortunately this confirmed my thoughts about the situation.

Thumbs up for the Head Up Display, Nice rims and of course Scandinavian design.

Hope that VM, LC, VA, JAJ, and all the others will make it, together with the support of you at SU.

On our way home, we found a new magazine from Teknikens Värld, called “SAAB Hela historien från 92 till 9-5”. (The complete story from 92 to 9-5).

One chapter was called the “Professional survivors” and I hope this will be the fact again.

Sending some pictures to you, for again thanking you for this SUnny day.

Thomas J.

I have placed more of Thomas photo’s onto my Flickr account for the time being,

4 thoughts on “SU meeting day 1, summary from a Fan.”

  1. You are most welcome Thomas 🙂 thank you for coming!

    This first day has been magic. More to follow tomorrow so please head on over to The Saab museum


  2. My red OG9-5SC looks good, but that 9-5SC looks gorgeous !!!!!

    Saab needs to survive, otherwise I won’t be able to buy it. 😉

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