Swedes love Saab cars

At least if they search for a used car.

The figures for the used car sales in April in Sweden are out, and in opposition to the new car sales, the Saab 9-3 and the 9-5 are second and third on the YTD top list.

Number one is the Volvo V70, but the Volvo is a special car in Sweden. πŸ˜‰

So why this difference in acceptance of the brand between new car and used car? I don’t live in Sweden so I can’t tell from first person experience, but my assumption is that people buying a used Saab know that they get a lot of car for the money, on the other side, people buying new cars (companies included) may be looking too much at the brand they are buying and less at the car they are buying.

But a much simpler assumption is that Saab is currently missing some important models for the Swedish market, but those products have already been presented, so there is hope. πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “Swedes love Saab cars”

  1. Everytime I ‘click to continue’ and read a Saab’s United article my Firefox crashes and screen goes blank. This has happened since they changed ownership. Anyone else has this problem?

      • ok, but that will take some time since I will have to consult my son Steve who is the computer guy and knows this information. Thanks.

      • I just assume you have a windows system, but whatever OS you use you got a pretty odd problem. You should try to uninstall both your Firefox browser and Flash player and then reinstall the latest Firefox and accept the install flash player request if it shows up. If you after this still have the same problem you should install google Chrome and try that. If Chrome also fails you probably got some major system malfunction and maybe the best thing is to install a fresh copy of your OS. This is just me doing “advanced” guessing.

    • Uninstall it and download Firefox 4.0.1 The 3 series is almost 4 in sequence anyway. Use Secunia PSI to update your out of date Flash drives and other vulnerabilities. Then enjoy bug-free Saabing the Internet.

      Computers, like Saab need maintenance. Without it they start to run erratic.

    • I’ve been having crashes frequently ever since SU moved to new servers in Sweden. Before that, no problems at all. Also, it’s probably (partly) related to the log-in mechanism. Crashes are almost guaranteed to happen here while being logged in, or after that when visiting other sites during the same browsing session. It’s not a Windows issue or specifically Firefox related, as I’m using Seamonkey (okay, that’s based on Firefox) on Mac OSX. Anyhow, I’ve learned to live with it by now…

  2. Not that i had anything better to do. But i think you should have consulted Steve the son and computer guy as a first step.

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