The month is almost over, but not the snippets on Saab

Bad news sell newspapers. And they produce hits on a blogging- site. We are having the third in a row record month at SaabsUnited, not only in absolute views per month, but also in views per day. But since Friday the amount of views have dropped dramatically.

I think the next months won’t be that good for SaabsUnited, but that means that Saab is not facing further problems, and this is OK for me.

A month is almost over, and on Wednesday we will see it black on white how many cars was Saab able to sell in this last month of pain.

Last month Saab sold 2.717 cars in 34 countries ( Saab sells cars in more countries but we only have reliable information for 34 countries). This was less than in March but more than in January. I think in May Saab will sell fewer cars than in January but I hope the figure in grater than 2.000 units.

GM Europe has presented the new engines for the MY 12 Insignia. From the Diesels we can get some hints on what Saab will be able to do with the same engine. The Insignia will have a Start/Stop system getting the CO2 value down to 115g. Saab was able to do better than Opel till now, we’ll see what happens this time.

Another engine that Opel has added to the Insignia is a 1.4L Turbo Engine with 140hp. This will allow the Insignia to go as low as 5.5L Petrol or 129g/km CO2 which is quite good.

No, I don’t think that Saab will install that engine in a 9-5, I only wanted to point out what the guys from Saab Powertrain are capable of. ๐Ÿ™‚

On Friday we all talked about Saab re-starting production. Today writes about IAC, one of the bigger suppliers, restarting production for Saab.

And for the ones not believing Swade, has also a small article that says that today the production …

– It has gone well and been good, although it may have been a few short stops, “said Margaretha Hรถgstrรถm from the communication department.

And for those with further reading needs, here is the last Saab magazine.

And if you go to the Menu button you will find a Dowload a PDF option.

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No worries, I’m always lurking on SU but more so when the news is GOOD.

I end up with morning headaches ๐Ÿ˜‰ when the word on SU is dreary.. so lets keep it good news!


summer is finally here (at least at a part of the Earth), people are more and more outside instead of sitting behind computers. and that’s ok ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Niklas D

Sales data Hungary 2011 (2010)
9-3: 21 (21)
9-5: 2 (1)
Total: 23 (22)

9-3: 46 (45)
9-5: 25 (6)
Total: 71 (51)
(161 Jan-Dec 2010)

Niklas D

9-3: 0 (7)
9-5: 4 (0)
Total: 4 (7)

9-3: 19 (13)
9-5: 13 (3)
Total: 32 (16)

9-3: 6 (4)
9-5: 6 (2)
Total: 12 (6)


Hungary is one of the countries I miss a source from. Would You care sharing…….? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Niklas D

Tack. ๐Ÿ™‚


Indeed i look SU almost every day even more if there is good news to report!


In a way, no news is good news. Frankly, I’ve found myself fatigued by all the bad news lately. I’ve even found myself dreading logging on to SU just waiting for another shoe to drop, which is a bad thing. Here’s to better times ahead!

Motoradd's Cat

Re views per day and views per month.

Sorry I’ve been away on holiday with no internet connection so I missed all the good news (typical).

Will be checking in daily until the next holiday

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