11 thoughts on “The new Saab Magazine is available”

  1. I read the article about the new SC and I wonder what they mean by “Eco shift”. Can anyone tell me what’s about ?

    • Just guessing:

      – A special low consumption program for the automatic transmission, like on the 9-4x
      – A shift indicator for the manual transmission as in the 9-3 Griffin.

      • would be nice to have more information about the “Eco Shift”, since i’m about to order my SC !!

        I will send a mail to Swade over at saab inside

  2. Great stuff, but I wish they would get rid of the artificial page divider. There is a great picture of the Phoenix in there covering two pages, but because someone felt it necessary to create an illusion of a magazine, the two halves don’t quite line up.

  3. As Red “guessed” the Eco Shift is indeed the same type of indicator as in the Griffin 9-3 telling the driver when to shift for optimal fuel efficiency

    Thanks Linda at Saab Direkt!

  4. The two-pager in there highlighting the Saab 9-5’s best features – I have never seen these wheels before. Are they 20″? They look huge and they certainly make the 9-5 look great. My goodness I love that car.

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