The wonder of the Flygande tunnan


Today on the printed version of one of the most serious German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung on their automotive section they have a 1/3 page article on the 9-5 Sedan.

I think the most funny thing on this very good article on the 9-5 is the fact that the author compares the 9-5 with the Saab J-29 The Flying Barrel.

The article is not a normal motor press article, but it is a good text on Saab. It does mention the current financial problems

And it is a mystery, how Saab, a company that is probably much more concerned about the gaps in financing needs, than on quality control, can bring such a mature, finished car on the road.

And has the best ending sentence:

Yes, certainly, at the moment they seem to have no more money in Trollhättan – but should not so much strength, so much taste and so much talent one day be rewarded?

Yes, it should. And I hope I’m not the only one thinking this way.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung was always the left liberal daily newspaper in Germany, which is the right clientèle for Saab. This is a very intelligent article, and I hope many of the readers remember that in the past they wanted to be different than the masses.

I would like to thank Mr. Thomas Steinfeld (The author).

UPDATE: The article is now on-line, and can be found here.

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Great article and great aircraft aka “fliegende tonne” as we know it in austria.


Nice work RedJ in finding this and good summary. 🙂

Peter Gilbert

This is going back to “Born from Jets.” Actually this is an interesting comparison because the Saab aircraft were not as famous as their American, British or German/Japanese notoriety. However if you read the link below you will see how this advanced jet broke early world records and beat the US and Russia in similar swept-wing designs (copied from Germany). These planes actually saw action (similar to the present action of the 8 Gripens in Libya) during rebel insurgency in the Congo and one of these actual UN marked Tunnans is on display at the Flygvapenmuseum, in Linköping, Sweden. The… Read more »


Extremely positive article! I particularly liked:

“…less aggressive than the competition that always also seems wanting to serve the fragile and ever “trimmed-to-victory” self-conciousness of the vanilla department head in the middle of his career.”


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