Välkommen till Sverige, Pang Da *UPDATED

An article from ttela.se brings us details of Pang Da’s visit today and tomorrow. There are two groups from Pang Da, a team visiting Trolhattan today and another comprised of senior leadership meeting with government officials (including Maud Olosson and the NDO) in Stockholm. Normally I don’t like just posting news article translations but I’ll be the first to admit this sums up the activities of the last 48 hours well and explains what next 24-48 hours hold.

A special congratulations to Saab staff for putting in so much hard work to get production rolling again, we’re all amazed by your work ethic.

Photo: Roger Larch, ttela

There will be a meeting between the leadership of Pang Da and Enterprise Minister Maud Olofsson in Stockholm today. She also called Minister Vladimir Antonov “nice” in an interview with TT.

Meanwhile, another group from the Chinese company to be in Trollhattan.

Today, a delegation from the new stakeholder and the upcoming Saab owner Pang Da is in Stockholm. They will be meeting with the Chinese Ambassador to Sweden, who enabled the Minister to arrange a meeting when the delegation was in the capital. It seemed uncertain on that front earlier.”There is a courtesy call,” said Johanna Martin, Maud Olofsson’s press secretary.

Saab’s communications director Eric Geers welcomes meeting with a government representative.

“It’s good to get to meet Da Pang Maud Olofsson, so they can learn how important the car industry is in Sweden. And the government has an opportunity to meet the future owners of Saab and form an opinion.”

Meanwhile, another group from the Chinese company will be in Trollhattan. And on Friday the Pang Da delegation is supposed to jointly study the Saab plant in Trollhattan – hopefully with a production line running.

“We are still at it, although work with suppliers still under way,” says Eric Geers.

Maud Olofsson commented to TT that the meeting she and Vladimir Antonov had on Tuesday night was an hour long.

“He’s nice,” reads Olofsson’s verdict on Vladimir Antonov.

The Minister stressed, however, very clear that this was an information session and not some form of review of Antonov like the one approved by the Debt Office, but not the government to come in as the owner of Saab.

“He wanted to talk about their thoughts on Saab and Saab’s future and why he is eager to step in and invest money. He has a positive attitude to Saab, which I think is good.”

In addition to describing Antonov as “nice,” she described him as a “businessman” and “entrepreneurial.”

She also criticized the critical statements made by Vladimir Antonov’s Scandinavia Manager, Lars Carlstrom, who called on the government.

Lars Carlstrom himself acknowledges, himself to Vladimir Antonov thought the meeting was successful:

“The meeting with Maud Olofsson went well. And Antonov thought she was nice.”

But when it came to holding the trial in which the government said they are awaiting the EIB, so was Maud Olofsson with nothing new to say, but she explained that the government says yes if the Bank does.

From EIB However, there is more silence. Some news on whether a tranche of the loan of approximately SEK 260 million, or owner-examination of the Antonov came from the investment bank in Luxembourg – it has been about five weeks since the Bank would have made an interim payment on schedule, nearly two months after the application from Antonov, which the owner of Saab sent to the EIB and almost a month since the National Debt Office approved Antonov.

“I have no mandate to comment on anything regarding our internal processes, but you are welcome to inquire again,” said Per Isaksson, spokesman for Bank of yesterday.



And now that everyone has had their initial meetings, we get some fairly positive words. Maud Olofsson herself told reporters from DI,

“Pang Da talked about what opportunities they see for Saab to enter the Chinese market. The company is of course an interesting partner, given that it is a great need to increase sales for Saab.”

She went on, “I think it was good to meet them and hear their description of how they look at Saab’s capabilities. Their reply was that even though Saab has production in China, so will production in Sweden continued to be important,” something we can all agree we wanted to hear too.

Victor Muller is keeping quietly optimistic.

“It was an excellent meeting,” was his only statement before he left smiling from the Economy Ministry’s premises.


34 thoughts on “Välkommen till Sverige, Pang Da *UPDATED”

  1. Welcome, Pang Da! 🙂

    This is truly exiting times for all of us. Well done SAAB for your ability to maintain focus and your speed forward. I am convinced that you will come through this in a positive way!

    SAAB UP!

    Cheers from Norway
    Always on the longest road home when out there with my SAAB. Always!

  2. Hej Pang Da people! Welcome to Europe and enjoy your stay in Sweden.
    Hope you guys will be transported in nothing but Saabs, so you’ll get to want one yourselves!

    Saab up!

  3. Sziasztok, Pang-Da!

    A Hungarian Saab-lover warmfully welcomes you hoping that you are as strong as the leaders were during these hard days. Please be so kind and get the company out from this unfair situation.


  4. When I am driving by Saab I am wondering sometimes how an excellent car is and what people are missing by not choosing to buy one.

    Saab deserves much more credit than what they have achieved so far.

  5. Let’s hope everything go smoothly.
    By the way there’s still no dealers in Russia where I live, so I tired to wait, and buying a used blue MY08 9-3 Sportcombi. My first Saab.

  6. Procyon, are you buying the ice blue one which used to belong to someone from GM Russia? This is the only ice blue 9-3 SC other than mine which I know in Moscow. I have yet to see it in the streets.

    /Sorry for being off topic.

    • Yes, exactly. Ice blue with full parchment leather upholstery. Do you know something special about that car? I took it to extensive examination at one of the former dealers, and all parameters were okay, no evidence of seriuos body repairs.What can you tell about the car and the owner? He looks like a decent guy.

  7. From GP article about today’s visit:

    Do you expect a letter from the Bank?
    – Yes, it will also. It may come today.
    According to GP experience was yesterday an intensive communication between the Bank and Saab. The contacts would have prevailed in both the EIB’s loans that the trial of Vladimir Antonov as owners and lenders.
    Bank would not comment at all trials of the financial puzzle pieces around the Saab.

    Fingers crossed…

  8. OK Saab, don’t mess this one up. You NEED China for sales. The US will never regain its former glory when it comes to sales and is about to slide into another recession Very soon which will kill auto sales there.

    When the market is changing you need to adapt, quickly and Saab is good at this when it comes to certification and development.

    Drop EIB as quickly as possible is my recommendation. You have a hard time staying a live when the business and economy is booming like now, it will be 1000 times harder once we’re in a global recession again.

    • Another recession in the US? Where did you get that info from?
      Europe will hit some bumps again when the currency will get watered down because of their weaker brethren.
      Ah well, the world is going to end on October 21st anyway.

      • I think the focus should be on the development of Saab.

        I don’t know if that is what is important here but check the correlation between commodity and crude oil price spikes and you’ll find an interresting correlation between those indicators and recessions. Those indicators indicate that a recession is imminent. Then we have the wildcard of a possible QE3 from the FED (today’s GDP numbers came in very disappointing). But of course, this time it may be different …

        Anyway, what I’m saying is that Saab should not put all their eggs in one basket and fully rely on the US market. The good old days will probably not come back in a long time given the fact that a lot of dealers have closed down. This might even be a good thing for Saab making the brand even more exclusive.

        • I agree. China is the new engine of the world. The US is out. There are going to be some lean years in the US for the foreseeable future. P.S. I am American, so this comes as a disappointment to me.

          • You may be American, but you don’t know all the facts. You’ll be pleased to know that the US economy is still THREE times the size of China.

          • Chris, I’m all for the red, white and blue, but the facts are that the Chinese economy has grown an average of 10 percent year over year for the past 30 years. It’s the fastest growing economy, with the highest population. It’s projected to overtake the US around 2020.

      • There’s no problems in finding sources claiming that a second recessions could arrive in US..
        About just as easy as finding sources saying that Saab will fail
        Same thing for Europe and our current “smaller” strained EU members.
        Doom is a hit.
        And as someone important somewhere in time once said:

        “Enough research tends to support one’s theory”

    • Another recession in the US???? Funny because here in BC, Canada our forestry has had a great year because the housing market in the US is picking up again and they need our lumber.

    • The reports of the death of the US economy maybe premature. Many of Saabs Euro competitors are selling well here. Whether or not Saab can regain a good foothold back in the USA is really up to Saab and the marketing effort they put forth.


      • of course the european competitors are selling but don´t ask them after margins. many stated that it´s a non profit business in the usa and they do it to fill up the volumes and image.
        They only make profit with some of the models produced directly in NA.

  9. Hope to see the end of the world on CNN. Who knows, maybe the safest place to be that day would be inside a Saab ; )

    • Excellent video! Makes me long for a 9-5. We have a 2001 but I refuse to test drive the new one because I am sure I would end up buying one (SC) which is not in our financial plans at the moment. Besides, we want a smaller car, making us a good prospect for the next 9-3.

  10. I am sure a lot of good things will come out from those two days in Stockholm and Trollhattan. I hope to read more news at SU in a few hours!

  11. Glad to see the heading picture has been ‘shopped to welcome Pang Da! Was going to suggest that myself. Do we need a ‘Support Pang Da’ button as well, to send to the “powers that be” in China? (only joking!) 😉

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