Victor Muller to meet Staff in Trollhattan @12:30 Today

From TTela:

Muller to meet staff today

Saab’s chairman Victor Muller and myself [assuming this means Mikael Rosengren from Saab’s communication dept.] will inform staff at the Saab factory in Trollhattan on the new agreement with Chinese Pang Da.

He was sitting in a plane en route from China state TV 4 News West. A task that is confirmed by Mikael Rosengren on Saab’s communications department.

The information meeting for staff is scheduled to be held at 12.30, according to the television channel.

We’ll obviously provide as much coverage as is possible.

Notify of

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and i hope it will be positive news.


It is time that all push in same speed like VM.

Toby K

He really just does not stop does he? Hope he gives the go ahead to resume works and starts talking to suppliers…


Interesting: Reuters

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