Wheeler Dealers Sells a 9-3 Convertible

We mentioned this in a post a week ago, but the episode hit the interwebs a few days ago and is up on youtube for all to see. Owning a 9-3 SE myself, I found the show not only entertaining but extremely informative.

They buy a 2002 9-3 Convertible for £2400 and made the following upgrades

  • £350 Turbo
  • £80 Direct Ignition (DI) Cassette
  • £150 Body work to get dings out
  • £180 Trim Parts including a new gear knob, antenna mast, and hood ornament
  • £200 Abbott Racing Steering Brace, which as everyone knows is a must for any ’99-’02 9-3 owner

Watch the episode below to see what kind of profit they made.

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Is this bulk head problem only an issue on 99-03 9-3’s or is it an issue an late 900’s as well.


£80 for a DI cassette? New?


Can’t be new I put a new DI cassette in my car at the end of 2009 which set me back 270 Euro.


Watched with interest as have a ’99 Viggen ‘vert. – DI Cassette actually failed in my car 2 weeks ago £30 used part replacement – Antenna – mine started sticking last week – new mast £15, mangled aerial tube and lacerated finger – priceless, aerial – still not working, on CDs now! – steering brace – Parts for Saab £120 – a MUST for any 900/9-3 owners – NB there is a range of opinion out there about how or whether this prevents bulkhead issue; I’ve seen it said that it actually can cause it. The brace is not hte… Read more »


I’ve had Saab dealers refuse a Viggen with the rescue kit fitted because it might have cracked the Bulkhead.


Great Show, I’d buy that overhauled car (with documented video!), anytime!


Yes, this was fantastic! I own a 2000 9-3 hatchback and have done the DI cassette, antenna mast and hood badge repairs before, but it was very interesting to see about the turbo replacement, steering rack brace and other cosmetic items. Very handy to know!


Love this program.

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