APB: Turbo-X gone missing in Sweden

Registration number: FBG-122
VIN: YS3FM47R481133062

This Turbo-X got stolen from Kungsbacka Bilcentrum AB last weekend.

Please keep your eyes and ears open. That V6 can’t be too difficult to hear.

Leave a comment here or contact Kungsbacka Bilcentrum directly if you see/hear anything. I understand Saab appeals to a lot of people, but this is not the way to acquire one!

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I hope this is found!

Jonas Axelsson

Was it from a dealer or a personally owned vehicle? The tags/plates follow a car over there don’t they?


It is registered to the dealership and was taken out of traffic 2010-11-02.

I guess they won’t be getting far with those number plates in Sweden. I would be very surprised if this vehicle has not already left its native country.

Jonas Axelsson

Good luck but I hope this is not a trend. Hopefully they will do something stupid and get nailed.


Bummer, sad… hope it is found before too much damage is done.

900 classic cab

A car like this should have an anti-carjacking system. Besides giving the vehicle location it would allow to remotely shut it down. I’ve already seen some aftermarket systems and I was pretty amazed.


Dare I say… Onstar? 🙁

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