DHL in Trollhättan hiring people

Somehow the discussion with the suppliers are moving forward.

DHL is a German logistics company, but in Trollhättan they also build the wheels (they mount the tyres on the rims) for Saab, and deliver those just in time for production.

DHL had fired all 55 employees that worked at that place, but it seems like they are, cautiously, preparing for a re-start. says that 22 of those will be re-employed, alas through a temporary work agency.

For the employees this means less money for the same work, but at least they will have work once again.

For Saab means that the suppliers are cautious, but they want to help Saab restart the production.

I from SU can only say, that I hope Saab’s production starts and gets more stable so that those with a temporary contract get a normal contract.

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Motoradd's Cat

What does DHL know?

Can one deduce that deals are going through wrt short term capital, and we may find out soon?


This is some light in the dark.


The link is wrong, should be:

It’s from 21 juni.


This is indeed “old” news.

Carlo A

hired or fired…. I guess hired 🙂

Carlo A

only joking, this is very good news for the people ….

i. ant. kal.

i hope some more news like this show up before the weekend starts…
i can’t sleep.. can’t work really

Toby K


it is a very distracting story…even more distractng than the “Keep Calm and Carry on” girl.

Not sure how much more I can take-I am actually getting stressed by it!
The poor staff must be feeling awful.
but there is still hope


Fireing 55 people at once, what a shock and we even don’t hear about it a sound, even from inside DHL… What a shock I’m very sorry for those employees too.

Will be hard anyway to carry on from this point, as those employees must have been duly paid with severance pay, which was a big sum for the company. If production restarts, DHL will be very cautious anyway with giving them a permanent contract again..:(


Nulla tenaci invia est via

Lars S

Oh, I haven’t quoted that in weeks! Thanks for reminding me.

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