22 thoughts on “Driving the 9-5 Hirsch Performance”

    • I hate, just hate to side with BMW but the stock M3 has top speed of 178 with the 155 rev limiter disabled and is no doubt faster 0-60. And if you want to compare tuned cars the M3 GTS will further blow the doors off the Hirsch’d 9-5 – but at well over twice the cost.

      But who honestly cares about a top speed above 135 MPH really? It has to be the most useless bit of specification published to sell cars. The Saab will have plenty of power (torque) when it’s needed for spirited driving and get better MPG during everyday driving. So my money is on the Saab. Literally. I’m waiting for my Hirsch’d 9-3 IE Vert.

      • yeah you’re right coggs. I drove an M3 for about a year, but I didn’t really find it that enjoyable and the controls and clutch were kind of heavy. Guess I’m too soft. The 9-5 is roomier too. I’d get one with a top of the line Escort radar detector built in front and rear to take on the fuzz.

  1. I cannot understand that so many people want top speed much more than 200 km/h. Very few of us will be able to use it. It’s the same with acceleration 0 – 100 km/h. It’s much better if it is good in the range of 60 – 140 km/. Of course if you every now and then can use race track as Nürburgring or similar I can understand that you want a high-power car. This weekend we have had many traffic accidents in Sweden. Four people were killed when they in a stolen sports-car crashed into a tree and the car caught fire and the people were burnt to beyond recognition. The higher speed the higher risk for a car to catch fire. In Sweden there are many clubs arranging training on race tracks, or you can be a member of a motor club. Once I was interesting in rally and was a member of a club and get many possibilities to training. Maybe SaabsUnited can tip on such events.

    • I’m more or less in agreement (though I hope to go faster than my personal best of 245 kph this summer on the autobahn), but there’s also the question of reaching 200 kph in a reasonable amount of time. 😉

      • I think it’s not about the speed itself but more about one’s ability to judge the risk at the certain moment.

        I would have loved to go top speed yesterday but since there was not enough room I didn’t. That said, I still beat you, Rune 😉

        • Hang on there till72… How did you measure the speed?

          My 9-5 shows 10% too much. It is probably a simple adjustment somewhere, but how do you know that the one you’re driving isn’t 10% off as well? 😛

          (245 kph was logged by my GPS and corresponded well with what I saw on the speedometer in my 9-3, so I’m fairly certain that the reading was correct)

          • Nah, didn’t want to hold my GPS while going 255…. 😉

            I think Hirsch did a GPS measure, will have to ask them how accurate it was.

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