Italian filmmaker searching for a Saab 900.

The Guys from SaabWay, the Italian Saab club, have been asked by an Italian film production company if they know about somebody who could lend them a c900 for a couple of months.

The whole thing is quite urgent as they need the car by July 11th.

Here is the mail from SaabWay.

Hello Guys,

I’m writing you asking for a post to help us find out a Classic Saab 900 (not Convertible).

An Italian production house which is making a TV Series for our National TV “Rai” contacted us to help them find a particular Saab 900 to be part of the series. The car must be a c900 not convertible the same colour of this one (bronze, walnut brown metallic)

In Italy we don’t know anybody who owns a c900 with that colour.

For different reasons they prefer to rent the car instead of buying it.

They have two potential offers:

1- Pay around 3,000-4,000€ for the rent of the car. After the work, the car will be given back to the owner, obviously.
2- Free (they pay for it) total repaint of the car in Bronze colour if the car is borrowed for the film.

Is quite urgent because they must start working with the car from the 11th of July until mid of December.

Filming will be in Trieste and for a some of weeks in Trento.

If there is somebody interested write to [email protected] sending some of pictures of the exterior of the car and we will forward it to the production company who will get in touch with you.

Can you help us give the chance for another Saab to be part of a movie?

Many thanks, regards.

Luca (SaabWay)

So if you want your Saab to be in a movie and yours is in the right colour, do not hesitate.

Notify of

I have a four door version 1988 but unless they want to pay shipping from Canada I am out of luck to make it famous.

Frank Wulfers

Why doesn’t someone buy the Saab in the ad for EUR 4.000, rent it out for EUR 4.000 and end up with a free Saab?

Luca S.

It’s a possibility, of course. But not for an Italian… for us, buying a car abroad is quite expensive.. you have a lot of extra costs and, more important, you have to fight against burocracy.. X-P

Carlo A

sorry I am in Italy but I have a 2002 9-3

Luca S.

Se non l’hai già fatto, raggiungici su


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