Majority of Saab staff stays

We had yesterday a discussion between ANA and TimR about the personal fluctuation at Saab during the current turmoil.

Just Auto is helping to solve that by writing an article on just that.

And I think all is resumed in the first lines of that article.

Saab’s major union says most of the troubled automaker’s staff have elected to stay despite the massive uncertainty that continues to surround the manufacturer.

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Little info about the current process. Both interviewed (CEO Kongsberg Automotive and Peter Halberg) persons gave a [very] light positive impression about that.


That really tells a story.
SAAB really will prevail


Of course the majority have decided to stay, but sadly some have left. I hope for some more positive news soon.


It’s normal that there are some who leave.
Under this 2 years there have been around 1-2% staff turnover and that is VERY low to be Saab.
Before that it was around 10% so this is nothing to be worried about.
1-2% should be compared to that there are more jobs to seek now.
I think that almost everyone in staff believe Saab will survive.


A lot of consultants have left and in some departments that represents a large percentage of the workforce. Replacing them will be difficult.


Design related work is in demand all across Europe. Saab should be very concerned with the current bleed rate.

Chris Carrier

“Majority of Saab staff stays” sounds like really weak spin. Majority can mean 50.01% which is also “Nearly half of all staff quits.” Since I know we don’t want to imply that, perhaps a headline adjustment?

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