NYC Saab Love

While our time is probably better spent covering more important things in the world, this is the first nice day I can remember in NYC and I thought I’d share a picture of my 9-3 sandwiched between a 9-3 convertible and 9-5 wagon. No matter how few or far between we all tend to gravitate towards each other. Funny how that works huh? First picture is looking south towards the Washington Square Arch, second is facing uptown and the Empire State Building. Time to enjoy a drink.



The only thing missing from the back of my 9-3 now is an SU license plate holder, which if I had Euro plates I’d most definitely already have bought!

21 thoughts on “NYC Saab Love”

  1. That second picture needs a little lovin’ in Photoshop, I believe (lighten shadows).

    It’s probably just confirmation bias in my head, but it does seem that Saabs congregate together.

    • You’re 100% right but I took the pictures on my iPhone and posted from the WordPress app so didn’t have time to go in and tinker. That said, even after tinkering I still like how the Empire State Building is easier to see with the crappy lighting in the foreground 😛 Next time I’ll use a real camera!

      On the way home I counted about 10 more Saabs parked on the street, while only seeing about 3 or 4 BMWs and Audis combined. Ahhh Greenwich Village– what Hugh says is right, we need a Saab dealer in Manhattan. But they should put it downtown!

  2. Good vibrations attract good vibrations and guess what bad vibrations attract. Some call it the law of attraction. I prefer synchronosity.

    • Perhaps nobody wanted to park between two Saabs after the brand’s latest happenings! Just joking – I know that European cars are pretty popular in NYC. It used to be Volvos and MBs, too in the past. Up the Saab!

    • That’s what’s so incredible about the whole thing, finding a spot is so random to begin with– the fact that somehow we all found each other is pretty cool. This happens to be the best spot in my opinion in the city (not just because it’s out my window). I only need to be in it to move it out of the way of the street sweepers for 30 minutes from 8:30 to 9:00 AM twice a week, most spots require an hour and a half and during work! Not doable. Leave it to the Saab drivers to find the best spots 😉 Curvin was onto something clearly with his intelligence campaign.

      • The “alternate side of the street parking game in Manhattan” is chess on four wheels.

        On the Upper East Side where I usually park, street sweepers come down the north side of streets on Mondays and Thursdays from 9 AM to 10:30 AM. On Tuesdays and Fridays, it’s the same hours on the south side. I’ve gotten so good at it over the year that I should write a book about successful strategies and tactics.

        With parking tickets costing somewhere between $50 to $75 and short-term parking in a garage running at least $12 an hour, there may well be a market for such a book. Or perhaps the secrets of the game are quietly passed from generation to generation during long conversations, much as other important lessons of life are. 🙂

        • WIth the advent of apps, someone went about doing away with those quiet conversations and has completely changed the game, Curvin. Primospot is pretty incredible, it tells you where you can park, what time it’s available, and how to get there. For us experienced parkers it certainly makes it that much harder to find a good spot!

          That 9 AM to 10:30 AM window is killer for me– I need the 8:30 AM to 9 AM so I can hop on the subway and get up to work.

  3. Hehe. Whenever I go shopping and there is a Saab in the car park, I don’t care how far away from the doors the park might be, but if the park next to it is free then I plonk my 9-5 right next to it and I smile. Haha 🙂

  4. It gives you a nice warm feeling when your in a convoy of Saabs (driving or parked).

    Where I work more and more co-workers have seen the light and drive Trollhattans finest and yes the cars do tend to gravitate towards one another.

  5. I spend a much time in New York City, Washington,D.C. and Upstate New York.
    The number and variety and model year SAABs I routinely see in all three locations is truly enormous.
    It is unthinkabkle that the brand will not propsper into the future.

      • 0.0 😉

        It’s amazing how many 2000-2008 Saabs there are, yet how few 2010-2011s are on the roads here, right?

        • The last two new 9-5’s I’ve seen were at the Spyker Fest in October. After that I’ve traveled most of New York and New England without spotting a single new 9-5. Although the 9-5 doesn’t fit my taste I still scanning the road for them, hoping for a revival sign. Every time I think I see one it turns out to be a fat ass Jag or Audi. Sad.

  6. Where on 5th Ave is that? It’s near the NYU dorm isn’t it? I’m NYU and I used to always go to the dark green Saab 900S that’s always on 10th St between 5th and Univ if I got nostalgic for my beautiful car (a 1996 900 SE in the same color)

    • BINGO! I live across the street. That dark green 900S is still there a lot, right in front of Sarah Jessica Parker’s new townhouse. There’s also a new Amorino Gelateria at the corner of 10th and University which may prove dangerous to my health…;)

      • That’s just awesome. Small world it is. I actually had to do a photography project freshmen year and I walked around the city and took pictures of all the Saabs I saw. Perhaps yours was in it. Saabs absolutely rule.

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