Pang Da is confident

China News have good news about how things are evolving in china.

Pang Qinghua, chairman of Pangda Group, said during an interview on June 16 that the due diligence on its partnership with Saab is coming to an end, and he is confident that their three-party deal will get government approval after checking the due diligence report.

10 thoughts on “Pang Da is confident”

  1. +1 JH. Saab has fantastic products, enthusiastic managment and workers and now we just have to see confidence with consumers to buy more of them. This deal should go a long way in the third department.

  2. I don’t think many readers realize how big SAAB will eventually become.
    The China connection is huge and will parallel what it did in terms of growth for Audi, Mercedes, GM, and others.

  3. One would have to think he would only comment this way if he really thought things were looking good for approvals. This is great news and I look forward to more good news soon. Happy Fathers Day everyone

  4. Here’s the interesting (and good part) of the story for me:

    Pangda also believes a 10% stake in the production sector is the best proportion, and it may sell a part of its stakes in Spyker in future. The reason for its buying a 24% stake now is to gain a controlling share in Spyker together with Youngman Automobile, which plans to acquire 29.9% stake in Spyker.

    Why they’d reveal this before NDRC approval is beyond me, but I think I know who they’d be interested in selling their stake to (cough, cough, VA). That will take the total ownership stake in Saab down below 50%, which makes me much more comfortable. I’m cool with Chinese ownership, I just want an even balance– keep Saab as European as possible, with global involvement. Mubadala representing the middle east, VA/Conversbank representing Eastern Europe, VM and others from Holland, Swedish investors, heck, AAM could own 5% and I’d be happy. I just want a good balance. And from the sound of this quote, that’s exactly what’s coming. That piece of news, if true, just made my weekend.

  5. Perhaps a bit off-topic. Saab may be a small brand, a niche brand. But – do people around the world really want to buy the 100 Mio th VW, Toyota, Mercedes, Audi and so on and do they want to sink into the uniformness ? Or are we able to preserve individuality in life ? Like in nature we should take care because uniqueness enriches our life. Even with cars. Not only the Chinese government should consider this. 😉

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