Press Release: Discussions About Sale of Saab Property Ongoing

Discussions About Sale of Saab Property Ongoing

Trollhättan, Sweden: – Spyker Cars N.V. (Spyker) announces that discussions about the sale and lease back of the Saab property are still ongoing as indicated in earlier statements. Spyker expects to make an announcement about the sale of the Saab property shortly, provided that final agreement has been reached.

From my point of view this is not news at all, as I thought they were working on that no matter what the news agencies said. But it is nevertheless interesting to know that they can have a solution for that shortly (till Friday??).

It is the second positive press release for this morning, which is good to keep the positive mood arround Saab while the supplier discussions are on-going. 🙂

The local Newspaper says that the Swedish real state company Hemfosa may be the one that is willing to buy the Saab property.

TTela refers to an article from the Swedish real Estate News magazine Fastighetsvarlden (Real Estate World).

Hemfosas’s CEO, Jens Engwall, says

– We have been approached by Spyker and met with representatives, it is true. We have held a dialogue and we’ll see what happens. An affair is possible because the Bank(EIB) has released the pledge says Jens Engwall the property world.

And further down the article he also says:

– We see opportunities for logistics properties in the area. With a new double-lane Highway from Gothenburg to Trollhättan, Trollhättan has a very interesting situation. Although Saab’s current premises may have a different use. There are modern facilities, with high ceilings and columns, but [no] many disruptive, “said Engwall to Fastighetsvärlden.


  1. They must only agree on the prize.
  2. The EIB has moved
  3. Saab would only rent back the buildings they use, Hemfosa would try to use the others in different ways

20 thoughts on “Press Release: Discussions About Sale of Saab Property Ongoing”

  1. Hey J, TTELA says that it’s the Swedish facility management and real estate operator Hemfosa that is the frontrunner, and they see some potential in renting out some (hopefully unused) space ion Trollhattan to somebody else than Saab. If I am reading well into it, it can actually lower Saab’s bills.

    • Actually I’d be more inclined to believe that although selling property will initially bring funds into the company, overall leasing will increase Saab’s running costs.

      • Yes, as the Real Estate company will earn some money, but it can’t be that much, maybe 5-10% of the current building costs?

      • Actually the cost for Saab can decrease if Saab sells all the properties to Hemfosa and then just rent back what the actually will use. Hemfosa can rent the rest to another company (or several companies)

        The cost of 100% owning can be less than x% of rental + y% of Hemfosa´s “margin”.

    • I guess there is no smoke without fire.

      For those of us who are over 45 in age, did any of you notice how the quality of Astra’s and Vectras (Cavaliers) improved dramatically after GM bought Saab?

      Now GM have sold their principal design and styling division (AKA Saab), I guess they’ll be struggling in Europe in the future.

      So if they are losing money (and presumably market share) there is a line of argument, that GM are thinking of disposing of Opel / Vauxhall and just concentrating on their European budget brand – Chevrolet (formally Daewoo I think).

      • Hi guys,
        could you plese discuss this in a Opel/vauxhall forum?
        Opel/Vauxhall is third in Europe only behind VW(The brand) and Ford. They had losses in the last months, but they are approaching a black zero every month. VAG would love to have the market share of Opel, but not the brand (They already have 10).
        GM would never sell Opel to a Chinese, as GM in China is selling re-branded Opels.
        Opel has developed the China Buicks for GM, but the revenue of the sales goes to somebody else.
        GM said that GM-Europe had time till 2012 to get black figures, so it makes no sense to start destroying the brand before.

        • Point taken.

          However it’s a GM brand and weather you like it (or not) there is a link.

          BAIC who bought the old 9-5 and 9-3 line are possibly in the background according the German version of the Local..

          There could be some interesting times ahead.

          There could be two automotive companies making Saab cars independently of each other and that could lead to some interesting battles ahead regarding IP and name ownership.

          • … interesting battles ahead regarding IP and name ownership.

            Sorry, but which IP?

            And as I said before, GM won’t sell the IP of their China Buicks to a Chinese company, it doesn’t make sense.

  2. When they say that the EIB has released the pledge (“En affär är möjlig eftersom EIB har släppt panten”), does that mean that this deal doesn’t require any further EIB approval? In that case, it might actually happen…

      • I don’t think Saab will say a word on the EIB before all the contracts are signed. Not even for a full week of free lasagna. 😉

        • 😀
          I think a deal with Hemfosa looks very good.
          (And yes, it’s old news sort of that they were working on this; and definitely old about the lien, pledge.)
          (BTW, I love that “Ms Garfield”; saw the comments on the translation thing earlier.)

  3. Looks like things are happening at SAAB and in the right direction….

    Note for those who wish to start an unrelated topic in a post but feel it is SU interest:
    Just send the SU guys an email
    The GM/OPEL news is interesting but should have it’s own post

    • This is sound advice in theory, but I wouldn’t recommend it in practice. I tried it today, sending in a heads-up about a (admittedly fairly unimportant) news story that would have been OT in all ongoing discussions. Eleven hours later, no sign of life from the crew. Better to just make that OT comment and have done with it.

  4. While I can understand this being great financial news for Saab, I can’t help but wonder what it means for Saab fans like us.

    As an owner of 2007 Saab 9-3 2.0T (just bought one a few weeks ago), I am very happy with my car as it is. And I’d like to think that under Chinese ownership that Saab will continue building 9-3s in their Trollhattan plant, because I can see myself wanting to buy a new 9-3, possibly 6 or so years from now. I just hope that Saab’s exist at that point as they do today: being solid, uniquely styled and fun cars to drive.

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