13 thoughts on “Saab employees will be informed after lunch”

  1. First Jump and and then say Hop. This is how it should consider this news. There will be more hicups (not only in production) but final goal will be good.
    Saab Up.

  2. Spell check your editorial titles.
    This is a proffessional sight with pretentions to journalism. it annoys me that you make the same mistakes I do and keep forgetting to proof read!!

    Rant over-my apologies for being a grouch.

    Back to the story…here’s hoping for some good news-though the suppliers will now have issues if Saab starts up given more than 50 of their workers have been let go-here’s hoping thay can be called back quickly so the flow of parts can start again!!

    OFF TOPIC: Great to see Swade asking us saabers at inside saab about the priority changes required with colours or interior options close to 450 voters so far!!

    Head over vote and enjoy the read:


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