Saab Germany announces the prices of the 9-5SC and the 9-4X

We already announced it a week ago, but now there is an official announcement with some information enhancements and corrections.

Saab has enhanced the standard equipment on the Linear and Vector trim levels without changing the price. Now every 9-5 will have heated seats (front), alloy wheels and a colour SID display. The Aero trim level will have on top of that, Navigation system, DriveSense and Bluetooth integration which is worth 5.000 € for only a 3.000 € higher price.

The 9-5 SC will cost 1.800 € more than the Sedan, but anyone ordering a SC before the end of the IAA(Frankfurt Motor Show) on the 24th of September, will get the SC for the price of a Sedan.

The official announcement does not talk about the 136hp Diesel engine, so I think it will be officially introduced, either at the IAA, or later in the model year.

Looking at the price, it is just between a VW Passat and a Audi A6. The difference between those cars is 10.000 €, So the Saab is about 5.000€ more expensive than the VW and 5.000 € less expensive than the Audi.

The 9-4x will be introduced in 3 different trim levels Linear, vector and Aero.

Linear and Vector will have the 3.0i engine with 265hp, and the Aero will have the 2.8T engine with 300hp.

The price will start at 43.000 € for the Linear and top at 52.500€ for the Aero. (In comparison the 9-5SC Aero Turbo6 will cost 57.800 €)

The Aero will be fully loaded, and you will be able to choose the perforated seats in parchment with parchment interior.

Both cars will start delivery on October, and I know that Saab has already sold some. 🙂

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Sounds very competitively priced. Also the equipment level ‘ heated seats (front), alloy wheels and a colour SID display’ is perfect – this should be the minimum in all markets.


Hallo RedJ,

because the German Saab internet page is not so well looked after, I didn´t find the announcement there; can you give us a link?! The brochures and price lists you can download on the German page are in fact incomplete or too old (no 9-3 Griffin, no MY 2012 9-5, no 9-5 SC). Can you help?

Yours Tobias


Hej Tobias,

there are no official Pricelists and Brochures at this moment. The only documents that are available are some ‘internal’ order documents with the prices. It should take some time until they’re available online or in printed form. In the meantime your dealer is possible to get you the needed informations.


I heard from my dealer today that pricelist of 9-5 SC is available for dealers tomorrow Friday here in Finland. That is good, because then I can do my order of that car…


as long as for the 9-4X no Diesel engine is available, it would be hard to sell this car in Europe because more than 50% run Diesel engines !


In Germany most of the registered NG 9-5s are petrol powered. And it should not be too hard to sell the forecasted 1.000 Cars in whole Europe without a diesel engine.


If let’s say 70% of the SUV/CUVs are diesels there are still 30% to go for. Would not worry too much since this car is mostly for NA.


that’s what I said before : without a Diesel engine on the 9-4X, not enough customers in Europe !!!


Pointless to compare SAAB to Das Boring 🙂



“Looking at the price, it is just between a VW Passat and a Audi A6. ”

Good price targeting as well as marketing target. It is not our war to target W and either Audi…just get us in the middle as an alternative branch.

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