Saab Swedish sales data – May 2011

The production stoppage has hurt a lot.

Saab has sold 290 cars in Sweden in May 2011.

In figures

May: 259 (560 in 2010)
YTD: 2292 (1551 in 2010)

May: 31 (151 in 2010)
YTD: 624 (798 in 2010)

May: 290 (701 in 2010)
YTD: 2916 (2349 in 2010)

No time for excuses. We should now look forward and not in the past.

Press release from Saab on the sales figures

Production stoppage slowed Saab’s sales in May

  • Saab notes 290 new car registrations in the Swedish market in May
  • Decrease by 59 percent compared to May 2010
  • Increase by 23 percent cumulatively against januari-May 2010

Trollhattan, Sweden: the halt in production at the Saab factory in Trollhattan in May has clearly affected the Saab Automobile sales in the Swedish market. In May, the registered 290 Saab vehicles, down 59 percent compared with May 2010. Accumulated so far this year, Saab in an increase of 23 per cent over the same period 2010.

“I understand that many customers have been hesitant to buy a new Saab when the situation was as it were, “said Magnus Hansson, head of Saab Sweden.

“But what made ​​people hesitate at first hand the situation of production stoppage and the uncertainty it has created. Our product line is stronger than ever. We get a lot of positive feedback on our vehicles from both private clients and businesses. In particular, the new models we have just introduced such as 9-3 TTiD Griffin, who is the strongest green car classified diesel option in the Swedish market and is now available in Sport Sedan and SportCombi, “adds Magnus Hansson.

“Now the focus is on that as quickly as possible to get all the already-made cars to the loyal and patient customers who had to wait for delivery longer than expected.”

“Regarding the sale estimate that we reached bottom in May and that we together with our dealers to start working our way up again. It will take time and require much work, but also facilitated by the fact that we continue to strengthen our model range further. Have already started taking orders on the 9-5 SportCombi and later this year, including Sweden, the introduction of our crossover 9-4X, which hailed sharply after the first tests for the media “, concludes Magnus Hansson.

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  1. OT: More bad news for the naysayers. According to our man from Inside Saab, Pang Da is going to pay 15 million more in advance for more new cars.

    Pang Da UP!

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