Saab Wales Open Begins

This week the Saab Wales Open began at Celtic Manor Resort in South Wales, UK. Saab GB made arrangements for this sponsorship well before the cash crunch ever began, so before you start accusing it of being a huge waste of money, enjoy it for what it is– an extremely positive event that shows just how right Saab can get things when they try.

Hole in one? Here's the key to your new 9-5 Aero!

According to Managing Director at Saab GB, Charles Toosey, “Saab is proud to sponsor the Saab Wales Open and be a partner of PowerPlay Golf as they take this next step towards an even more exciting future for the sport.”

Saabs currently available for sale in the UK, including the 9-5 and 9-3 Convertible, Wagon, and Sedan are available for test drive.


This was PowerPlay Golf’s inaugural Tour-style event, and it kicked off the Saab Wales Open earlier this week. It’s official title (you’ll like this) was called PowerPlay Golf driven by Saab: IGNITION. Here’s something you Swedes might like even more: it was won by rising Swedish star Caroline Hedwall, in a very tight finish where she won by 3 points over fellow Swede Helen Alfredsson. The tournament works kind of like Twenty20 Cricket if you’re familiar, where there’s more drama in a shorter event. Played at the same course where the Saab Wales Open is held, Celtic Manor Resort’s Twenty Ten Ryder Cup Course, PowerPlay Golf’s two-flag ‘risk and reward’ style was fought on nine carefully chosen holes.

Caroline Hedwall won by points at the new format PowerPlay Golf driven by Saab: IGNITION Tournament.

Caroline Hedwall, a Ladies European Tour Rookie who a the day before won her first Tour title at the Allianz Slovak Ladies Open played brilliantly. She scored 3 PowerPlay birdies for 6 points each on the last three holes to lead her to this very very cool Saab trophy.

After her win, she told reporters, “That was a lot of fun. I was in the middle of the pack with three to play but knew I still had a chance with PowerPlays in reserve.” In addition to the cool Saab hardware, she won a £100,000 first prize, and she’s giving away 50% to the Swedish Golf Federation.

“I was very nervous on the first tee but playing with Ian Poulter and Helen Alfredsson was a great experience” she added.

Here’s where it gets fun. Saab has on display the full product range, and visitors are able to test drive any of them throughout the week. That is with the exception of one…

SAAB logos everywhere!

The headliner of the event (besides Ryder Cup stars Graeme McDowell and Ian Poulter) is the Saab Phoenix. Also unfortunately while it’s on display, the new 9-5 SportCombi (called SportWagon in GB) isn’t available for test drives at the event before its launch in September.

And here’s another cool touch, Saab drivers are being treated to VIP parking and a hospitality pavilion during the PowerPlay Golf tournament by showing their Saab key fob. Talk about feeling like part of a premium brand, Saab getting you access to exclusive events? Genius and right out of the handbook of good marketing.

SAAB logos even made it onto the hazard signs!

One of our readers Melissa A. watched the event on television today and told us in an e-mail, “Every time I look at the TV, I see ‘Saab!’  YAY!  Looks good! There are first-rate players and reasonably good crowds on Day 1.”

Well done Saab GB!


Notify of

I’ll be there this Sunday. Some of you may have seen the offers I was able to post here. Not sure if they are still valid but I wrote “Take a look here for tickets

If you are a member of the SOC and live in the South West you can click the promotion url, for a special promotion.”
You might still be able to get tickets.


Watched it last night on Sky, thought the Saab coverage was fantastic…. we need more of this brand positioning!

Motoradd's Cat

Well done SAAB GB! What a great marketing ploy. I’m not a fan of Golf (it spoils a good walk), but as car boots are measured in golf bags (is that an SI unit of measurement?) it is a great and probably relatively in-expensive way of creating brand awareness with free TV coverage as well. I have heard that most UK business deals are struck on the golf course (or the pub/clubhouse etc) so a lot of senior execs will get to see the new Saabs and also get the message that Saab still exist if they watch the event… Read more »


sounds good, always a fan of showing off SAAB aviation heritage.

Toby K

Same here-that is a fantastic idea
I suggested in another post to raise their niche profile in the US they might want to try to sponsor the Blue Angels- for the UK XH558-Vulcan is a very worthy cause.
As I said before a lot of peole still associate Saab with Aircraft-in the same way


Powerplay Golf is owned by Converse Sports, which is owned by ….. Vladimir Antonov.

so, no surprise why saab is sponsoring that event.


Powerplay Golf? Is that were you have to play around garden gnomes and miniature castles?

I can see the ads after this events; almost new 9-5 for sale, some dents in the sides……..

Toby K

Best that silver 9-5 be armoured-what are the chances of it geting hit by a 100mph golf ball?

Bravada from GMI

Picture number two goes straight to PhotoShopDisasters – or actually, it’s too bad to even be displayed there.

I hope all the talent missing from sales & marketing is now hard at work in engineering. That said, an injection of talent into the former is badly needed. When is Swade going to be promoted to Director of Customer Relations and Customer Care?



Saab and Wales Forever….from a Welsh Saab owner….

Actually sharing a holiday house with a load of Germans – it’s pretty clear there is so much people
don’t know or appreciate about Saabs – lots of oohs and ahhhs and I’m supposed to be at a car show celebrating NSUs yet my companions are more interested in my 9-5


I hope there are a lot of ‘good shots’ that don’t result in any dings to that car. I was quite disappointed that I only saw one NG9-5 in the UK over three week stay. The SC should be a big seller there as I saw hundereds of OG versions of that car.

Nice to see Saab being promoted in this way as I am sure you could fit THREE golf bags in the trunk of the 9-5.


I won’t start another post about the golf, but just to say i have a few pictures from today at my flickr account. Robin.

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