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I don’t know if you have noticed it, but we are trying to give some form to the way we are publishing the Saab sales data here at SaabsUnited.

We have on the one side the postings, with some comments on the figures shown and on the other the SSD page which is trying to show the history of the data, or give a context to those numbers.

At this point we have a really big amount of data going at least three or four years back in time. This data is kept in a spreadsheet, and Carl-Henrik is trying to get it published at our SSD page in a more or less automatic way.

As of today we have reliable sources for 36 markets, where Saab is present. With reliable I mean that we are 100% that we will get the sales figures for that market every single month. Saab is present in about 50 markets world wide, but our figures match quite well with the Saab Q1 figure published by Saab, so I don’t think that the markets are selling more than 1% of the total sales.

Some markets publish a global sales figure for the brand, like Belgium, and others give a model split (although the 9-3x is not always separated from the 9-3). So don’t think that we show you only a part of the figures, we are always publishing all what we know.

Some of this data reaches us by e-mail, other is published on some official bulletin from the importers association or is the official registration statistic of that country and we also gather some information from other motoring publications all over the world. So, although we try to be as accurate as possible, we don’t give no guarantee for the data published in this site.

The Saab market can be distributed in the big three, the mid-size markets and the small-size markets.

The big three, Sweden, UK and USA, represent about two thirds of the total sales of Saab. This is acknowledged here at SaabsUnited with a post for every single of those markets.

The frontier between mid-size and small markets is still not frozen, and till now we are publishing small and mid-size markets together in one post. I will from next month on make two posts one for each of those groups.

The mid-size group represent, by the current cut, about 30% of the total sales, and this are the 17 countries in that group.

  • Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany,Spain, France, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Taiwan, Denmark, Poland, Ireland, Austria, Portugal, Greece and Hungary.

The small size markets represent only about 3% of the total, but the amount of countries (16) is almost as big as in the mid-size group:

  • Luxembourg, Australia, Canada, Singapore, japan, Estonia, Check Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Hong Kong.

In the future we hope to be able to add to that list China, Brazil, Russia and Mexico.

6 thoughts on “Sales figures @ Saabsunited”

  1. Red, not sure if it helps, but going off of the dealer stock sheets for Canada it looks like Canada has sold since December 2010: 28 9-3 sedans, 3 9-3 convertibles and 22 9-5 sedans. Not sure of monthly break downs or if any of that doesn’t match up with numbers you have.

  2. Is it possible that 94-X’s are arriving in the US? I could swear I saw one on a carrier on the PA turnpike this morning going eastbound near Ft. Washington.

    • The new 9-4 was supposed to go on sale in June in the US. However, I read where the first batch of 9-4 left Mexico a couple of days ago. Perhaps someone who had pre-ordered their car took delivery already. We should start to see them very soon.

  3. Great job guys, it’s good, that you cover all aspects, from cars, through our community, to sales data and the company itself ๐Ÿ™‚ btw nice new banner on main page ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. As RedJ says I’m working on getting the info to the SSD-page. And right now I’ve started working with a transformation of the table so it will be more easily to view and with more markets shown as well.

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