SU Video: Dig a Little Deeper Into the 9-4X

Here’s a quick video I shot yesterday of the 9-4X at the media launch in New York. I dug a little deeper into details that go unnoticed, and near the end you’ll see a special message from Tim Colbeck about the 9-4X to SaabsUnited readers. Music by Stockholm band Peter Bjorn and John’s new album, gotta keep it Swedish.

For his full multipart interview and my thoughts on how the car was received by the press, check back later this week as I’m still transcribing much of the audio. Later this month you’ll be reading (and watching) my full 9-4X review, which should not only include an Aero test but a 3.0 as well with much more detailed interior shots. I’m continually impressed by just how good the 9-4X has turned out, and even more impressed by the team assembled at SCNA. Their focus was evident, and they’re ready to take on the North American market with their new leader, Tim Colbeck at the helm.

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Saab, you’re killing me!!

I am not a current Saab owner (Audi A4), but I am very fond of the company (my father had a 1987 900S). For the past ~16 months, I have been borderline obsessed with this site and with Saab news. I know I should be cautious considering the issues with production, but the 9-4x is great! It’s like a never-ending roller coaster ride. I told myself to wait til March when my wife’s car is paid off to buy a new one, but I want to test drive the 9-4x now!



We can’t see the video in Germany!!


Arghh, more teasers (I’m in Scandinavia, Jeff). 🙂
Best wishes to Tim Colbeck and his team at SCNA; and thanks to you, Jeff.

(I agree about the mute button; it’s possible to turn up the volume when/if someone is speaking, if the music is that intolerable. There are people with tinnitus, they don’t have a mute button, and then we can speak about “can’t stand”. That said, I do think that music can be unnecessary and out of place if one is to give some examples of engine sound when driving etc.)

Steve C.

Wow, what a high production value video! Now, Jeff’s second sentence of the post said he was going to dig a little deeper and so did the song! Once I saw that pedal adjustment switch, I knew what was next. The video was a nice bonus and preview to Jeff’s coming review but the real news at the moment is the execution of a NY press event leading to the end-of-June launch. I’m looking forward to hearing Jeff report on the unguarded conversations of the assembled press.



Great video!

looking for new car

lol! I couldn’t figure why the camera was trained on the pedals for so long. And I could have sworn I saw them move, but wasn’t sure.


Like a lot this kind of video ! thanks Su


Is this the car that will boost sales here in North America? i sure as heck hope so and from what I have seen we are on to a winner. Lets hope Saab can hold on to Tim as I think he is going to be the key to Saab’s success over the next few years.


Jeff, thanks for the post.
I noticed that the roof antenna is not the SHARK FIN, low profile type.
Looks to be a longer ‘whip’ type.
I know it is a minor item, but clearance-wise for a smaller garage, it makes a difference.
In your upcoming, more complete review, I wonder if you can check with the SCNA folks if one can opt for the smaller version!?


Steve, I replaced my wife’s long antenna on her VW TIguan with a small 3″ antenna I purchased from Ebay. It was really cheap and it took 1 minute to do. Simply unscrews and you screw the new one on. Another option is an aftermarket shark fin like this one:

The 9-4x is not on the list at visualgarage yet, but it may be. Otherwise, you may have to get it painted.


Thanks so much.
It’s great that there is such a simple solution out there.

900 classic cab

Cool features! I liked the button to modify the distance to the pedals.The 9-4X seems to get prettier and more useful everyday.


Thank you for the video. Music made me jittery so I simply turned down the volume and turned up Handel on my iPod. That worked fine. Yes, I’m over 40, significantly over 40, and am curmudgeonly independent minded. I may turn my 2010 Lexus RX350 into a SAAB SUV…I can easily afford to. But I can’t help thinking they need to dump the obsolete Kia/RAV4/Chevy whip antenna for a modern shark fin. That whip may hang up on my garage door and I know damn well it will hit the top of some parking garages I frequent. Maybe I’m nitpicking… Read more »

Toby K

Jeff my only criticism is that you annoyingly focused too much on the car at 1.27/1.30 when there was something much more interesting to look at. I’m envious of your talent, your eye for the details that make Saab anything but ordinary and I thought the music choice was good it did relate to digging deeper into that model I think most people get that. Euro pop is not everyones cup of tea but Saab typically goes with it to stay fresh and support local new talent. Good effort. And what a lovely car. I don’t like SUV’s either but… Read more »

Curvin ORielly

Nice “down-and-dirty” internal video, Jeff. They’re tough to do when you’re moving fast! Too bad it was a white 9-4X shot in such bright sunshine. Some of the car’s really nice details got washed out a bit. Music? It’s okay, though I’m not a fan of bubble-gum Euro pop. (Not sure what I would have used in its place.) FYI: As a prospective buyer, I’d be deeply suspicious of a review about any Saab that appears on SU. Too much built-in bias in favor of the brand. Re-posting reviews by respected journalists is the route I’d take if I were… Read more »


Too bad this car is going to launch simultaneously with the 2012 ML from Merc. And the Merc out Saabs Saab with their 2.1 liter Twin-turbo BlueTec diesel 4-pot that produces 205 HP and 370 Ft-Lbs…talk about right sizing! This is what Saab needs ASAP. Maybe BMW will agree to loan Saab their baby 4-bangers ( 1.6 – 2.0 liter) for use in the 9-4X and 9-5, large cars BMW would not dare sell in the US with 4 cylinder engines.


Loving the 9-4X. As for PB&J, yes have fond memories of the family packed in our 9-3 combi grooving along country roads to Young Folks. Found some other stuff of theirs a bit grim but this one is great.


I didn’t notice what was going on with the pedals at first either – I think because the camera was moving faster than they were (!). I know this is going to sound like a very picky thing to say (and I’m aware it might not have been practical given how much time you had) but is there any chance of using a tripod next time?

nb., I liked the music, and the titles. Looking forward to an introduction to the 9-2 along these lines 🙂

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