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Sorry guys, but the discussion, as I follow it, is not any more about Saab.

I don’t know who are the good guys and who the bad ones, but it is too much running in circles for my taste.

For the ones that also need a break, here is some interesting film from the Swedish film archive.

Bilturist i Storbritannien (1959)

It is about Swedish tourists making a car trip to the UK in 1959. In the late ’50s cars had too be small and light, and if you don’t believe me, watch the film till the end.

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    • Wow, talk about a turn around that we could be experiencing here!

      Saab starts from shutting down their plants and being unable to pay employees to getting money from a real estate deal *and* multiple Chinese investors *and* (hopefully) Vladimir Antonov. Everything thing I’ve read has stated that Saab would by extremely lucky if only *one* of these scenarios played out … yet, it looks like we’ll be getting all three.

      All the other automakers that have failed on my watch *never* had this kind of interest, and there are a lot of them: Hummer, Mercury, Pontiac are three that come to mind … Pontiac is of particular interest because they managed to release a *one* earth-shattering vehicle before getting axed (by General Motors, incidentally). But there didn’t seem to be any outcry, or any investors lining up to keep the axe from falling — at nowhere near the level of what we are seeing with Saab.

      • Mercury, and Pontiac were not automakers, but brand names. Saab is a real, tangible entity with people and assets behind it. Saab has engineers, there hasn’t been a Pontiac engineer for 20 years. Besides wonderful products, Saab has something authentic and viable to fight for, Mercury was a registered trademark affixed to dressed-up Fords. Ford (Mercury) and GM (Pontiac) had no tangible assets to sell other than brand names and logos. I wouldn’t be surpised to see Ford and GM revive those names in the future. Easy come, easy go – NOT the case with Saab.

        • True. I suppose I was comparing “apples and oranges”.

          This would of course be a big reason why Saab is going to continue hanging on. But, as all of us here understand: the reasons for Saab’s survival go well behind that.

    • Just sent an official request to the government asking them to enlightening me of how the prime minister can tell the press that “we gave NDO the mission to investigate mr. Antonov, and it is better if NDO do this investigation than the government” and at the same time, the NDO actually did accept mr. Antonov 2 months ago!
      I’ve also requested all corresponding between the NDO and the government regarding Saab Automobile AB from 2011-01-01.

      I’ve never ever considered voting red…I just don’t believe in them, but during the latest government reaction regarding SAAB, I think the government are toast.
      We will loose big time as a country if we give up manufacturing.

  1. Well, what a simply fabulous Film.

    This was my boyhood time & it’s funny, but, being a spotter then (of all thing Mechanical) of Car & Trains etc, looking back to be able to identify the vehicles.

    A great simpler time………………………………

    PS: Love the kettle @ the begining of the film!!…

  2. What a great video fond! From 1959 I was expecting small, fuzzy and faded colors. Instead it’s large, HD sharp, and great colors. Beautiful Saab 93 – want!

  3. This is such a great trip down memory lane for me because I did a similar trip in reverse to Sweden in 1968. I took my left-hand drive 1966 96 over to Göteborg from Hull, UK. The North Sea was so rough that there were only 6 Swedes on-deck and I was about the only Brit!

    The 1959 Swedes would have been so at home in Britain because Sweden drove on the left side of the road back then. !n 1968 I drove for the first time on the right as Sweden had only just switched over 6 months prior to my visit.

    While looking for the Saab factory in Trollhättan, I was lost and I almost hit a Volvo head-on, on the cul-de-sac road by the Saab Museum. The other driver left his car came over to my Saab with GB plates and laughed, “Don’t worry about it. I have had 5 near misses since the switch and I bet you had no oncoming traffic to remind you which side to drive on!”

    When I sailed home from Göteborg, on to our ferry I saw the very first (pre-production) Saab 99 to leave Sweden for road testing in Scotland. I actual have film footage of the white 99.

  4. Boy……do I wish it was 1959 again! What an absolute treasure and proof of a happier and much simpler time! The video of the entire excursion abroad in the most beautiful and charming SAAB is just too much! How simply wonderful the world was back then! Where is that Dr. What’s-his-name again’s TARDIS when I need it?????

  5. That airlift at the end was amazing. I had absolutely no idea anything like that existed. Sure, I know there were airplanes big enough, I just did not realize someone had used them in this fashion at the time. (outside the military that is)

    What a grim contrast to a certain Irish airline of today… 😀 Imagine showing up with a car at the check-in counter today…!

    • I haven’t tried yet with this video, but unless they have some special protection to prevent it, there are different software for downloading streamed video like this one. (The one I have is called Replay Media Catcher, not perfect but it works. With some googling you probably can find others too.)

  6. At th end of the film, I like the 3 cars that are loaded on the plane.

    1. Jaguar Mark10
    2. Saab 92
    3. Morris 1000
    (In turn)

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