The new 9-5 to be presented in Russia

After a long period of suspence,  I can say that there is a progress concerning the presence of SAAB on Russian market.

25th March Armand-Import CIS was appointed as the SAAB main impoter.  There was no news since that announcement but today I checked  Armand-Premium website and this is what I’ve seen.

Yes, on 15th July the new 9-5 will be presented in the show-room. The moment is selected as well as possible – I mean that Russian saab-owners and potential buyers  become a little desperate and this news is not among the most popular on Russian forum.

Despite the fact that there is no official price list and no information about the future deliveries I would like to wish everyone to be optimistic.

I think that it is a very good sign!

7 thoughts on “The new 9-5 to be presented in Russia”

  1. All things considered, you have more of a web presence in Russia then most of the other markets did months into having Saabs on ground and in the showrooms. Great to have Russia on board, good luck to everyone involved.

  2. I think the hole thing was put on hold, during the last month. But now they must be more confident about the outcome of the whole thing.

  3. Russia is a huge untapped market. I know Saab can do well there. The Russian economy is growing and there is a larger middle class who want to purchase nice cars. Best of luck to Saab.

  4. Great news, this is what I personally waited for since there were first news about Russian SAAB distributor. I hope 9-4x’s presentation is coming soon cause it’s the most important car for our market.
    And I’ll also try to send them my CV to the end of the summer. I really want Saab to be part of my life not only as a great car, but as a great company to work with, to use my skills and knowledge, to move forward.
    I hope sun will shine over Trollhattan and everything will be OK.

  5. I’m happy that Vladimir Antonov clarified that he still wants 30% equity in Saab.

    After the Chinese deals, he was right to have restated his interest in acquiring it.

    IMO. Russians would feel eversomuch better about buying a Saab knowing Antonov is
    in for a stake.

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