The Zero Hero snippets

Saab UK had PR campaign were they called the 119g 9-3 TTiD 180 the Zero Hero because the Vehicle Excise Duty (the vehicle taxes) was equal to zero because of the low CO2 value.

Today Saab UK has presented the new Zero Hero, the Saab 9-5 TiD4 MY 12, with manual transmission. It will also, like the 9-3 TTiD, be exempted of VED because of the low CO2 figures, 125 for the Saloon and 128 g/km for the SportWagon.

To put those figures in a context:

  • Audi A6 Avant 2.0 TDI (177hp): 135g/km
  • BMW 520d Touring (184hp): 135g/km
  • Mercedes E220 CDI (170hp): 136 g/km
  • Volvo V70 D3 (163hp): 137g/km

None of them is VED exempted.

There is still no information about the 136 hp Diesel engine, but I think this will be the only one below the 120g/km limit of many countries and the direct competitor to the Volvo V70/S80 Drive with 119g/km but only 115hp.

128g/km is equivalent to 4.8l/100km of Diesel, if you look at the Swedish preliminary price-list you will see that the consumption value there is right but the CO2 value is wrong. I don’t know if this is a mistake or if Saab didn’t want to give too many details on the MY 12, as the Swedish price-list was already available in March.

Last week the 4th edition of the ALD Ecomotion Tour took place in Spain. This is a competition were people try to drive a car with a lower consumption than value given by the car company.

This year the participants had to had to drive through 350 km of roads of different kind, from motorways to city streets to curvy mountain passes.

One of the participants was a 9-5 TiD4 Automatic. The Saab won not only its own category, but it was the best of all categories. With 17% less consumption that the given value by Saab it also reached twice the value of the second car who was only able to reduce the official value by 8%.

In the US car magazines are quite unpredictable. The car connection has tested the Saab 9-5 MY 11. It is quite a fair test, and it describes the car quite well, but after having read some Saab 9-5 reviews I did not believe what I was reading:

The new 9-5 not only has some of the best front seats on the market; it also has enough space for long-legged adults in back, excellent materials and trims, and a quiet, comfortable ride.

10 out of 10 in quality !!!

The new Saab Engineering Services site is on-line. Inside Saab has a good article on what is this site about, but as some people keep asking what car is the other car on this page?

Here is my answer

It is the Opel GTC concept.
It was the concept Opel presented at the 2007 Geneva motor show as a
preview for the current Insignia.

5 thoughts on “The Zero Hero snippets”

  1. This is great – excellent that SU can concentrate all the good news from all around the world. There is simply to much good stuff going on with Saab to see the financial issues they have continue unresolved.
    Please, build the ’12s now!
    Also, the fact that Saab’s consumption figures are realistic (or more so than the competition) seems to have been effectively proven. Real World Safety & mpg (or Lp100k)…
    Great News – Saab Up!

  2. It is my understanding we aren’t getting any real news today. Any insight from Djup Strupe? Is VM waiting for a miracle, a belated money transfer or is there something in the works?

    PS. I believe it was a technical glitch, but should we get accustomed to comments and entire threads disappearing?

  3. Couldn’t help noticing a certain word on the saab engineering page that made me think. “Yes, I want my next car to have Cevlar instead of sheet metal.

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