This was because of Saab: Domodedovo edition

Here is a wonderful story I’d like to share with you!

 This is Mike “Jagannatha” , he is a friend of mine, a great photographer and an 9-3 Aero XWD owner. Most of the pictures of my car are made by Mike, so I would like to thank him once again.

 In August 2009 Mike had helped me a lot to organize a nice photosession at the Moscow International Airport Domodedovo and had acted as the main photographer of this event…

 This is Anna “Bonnie”, she is a friend of mine, une femme fatale driving her Laser Red 9-3. She was among 27 participants of the photosession.


While I was running on the airfield trying to coordinate the people, Mike was not only searching for the best views and panoramas.

It happened so that In January 2010 when my wife Marina and me decided to make a short voyage in Stockholm Mike joined us not alone but with Anna! It was a nice but freezy cold trip but this is not the plot of the story.


Yesterday all together we met again, but Mike and Anna were not alone.

 This is Ekaterina, their little daughter, she is also a friend of mine, a very beautiful young lady!


It’s a kind of magic, isn’t it? Time is running so fast – Mike and Ann saw each other two years ago for the first time and now there are three of them!

1 thought on “This was because of Saab: Domodedovo edition”

  1. This is the type of story that will ensure that Saab survives. We all like to read stories about the latest cars, and what upgrades the speed shops can give us, but in the end, it is about people. Without people, and the support of the Saab nation, Saab would already be dead. When a car factory stops making new cars, the people who own these cars start to age. This is a process that never improves, and in the end, it is fatal. Why do you think cars from the Tin age ( 1905-1935) are selling well below the muscle car of the 1960’s?

    New blood , that is what is needed. So the next time you are at a car show, go over to the Tuners and ask them about their cars, maybe they will ask you about your 35 year old Saab in return. Maybe they will think, ” wow this is an cool brand!”
    Good luck to the young couple

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