Tv4 Fakta: Episode 3/4 – The car with 9 lives

As Tim has previously posted, there is a documentary on the Swedish broadcasting station TV4 about Saab the company, Saab’s cars and Saab’s fans. The car with 9 lives.

The third episode mainly covers the era where Saab gave us the turbo and the iconic 900 Turbo convertible.

If you wanted to be someone in California in 1987, then you were driving a 900 Turbo Convertible

(Jonas Fröberg)

Another highlight is Per Gillbrand showing off a scale model of the 92. He took the bonnet off a 92 and put in a miniature two-stroke engine (1.2 ccm).

It is a necessity.

(Per Gillbrand commenting on using turbos in family cars)

A red thread throughout this documentary is the reporter’s voyage from Trollhättan to Dakar (through Paris of course). In tonights episode he has reached the desert in Morocco.

The coolest thing on Earth was a Saab 99 Turbo with Inca wheels

(Victor Muller)

As with the other programs, we also get to visit one of Saab’s many fans. Tonight’s guest is the owner of the Indian Turbo. A beautifully preserved 9000 Turbo.

The Talladega run was of course duly mentioned. There are also interviews with Peter Bäckström and Jan-Åke Jonsson.

This week’s episode can be watched online until next week’s episode is posted (Tuesday). Unfortunately the show is unavailable outside Sweden.

4 thoughts on “Tv4 Fakta: Episode 3/4 – The car with 9 lives”

  1. Sad that you non-swedes cannot see this show. Tv4 should at least subtitle it. They could even earn a krona or two by releasing it on their pay version.

    • You may buy a camouflaged access that lets your internet access look like it comes from within Sweden at Works quite well from Germany.

      • Only sad thing is that it’ll be freely available for four days only. After that one has to pay some premium membership with tv4. So, you have to both hurry up and set your calendar for the upcoming airing 😉

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