Unions demand answers (press conference at 3pm)

The representatives of Unionen have announced a press conference to be held 3pm in front of Saab’s main gates. TTela thinks they will discuss Anette Hellgren’s decision to leave the board of directors.

Earlier, the IF Metall union requested some answers from the government a few days ago:

  • Why aren’t Antonov allowed ownership?
  • What demands have EIB made prior to their next scheduled payment?
  • What are the remaining obstacles to be cleared prior to closing the property deal?

They ask the government to facilitate a faster resolution to these questions. In addition they want Saab’s management to show their hand and provide all parties with the relevant information.

Thanks Thomas for the tip

14 thoughts on “Unions demand answers (press conference at 3pm)”

  1. Gaahh! The article’s title scared me, Rune! I thought that the unions were pissed at SAAB!

    But it’s nice to know that we’re not the only ones that don’t appreciate the Swedish government’s (lack of) role in this situation…

    • It’s nice to know most Swedish people very much appreciate the Swedish government for how they deal with this matter.

      • Victor Muller may not want to deal with [sell to] a major car brand and is looking to maintain his 28% by enticing the Chinese? with such a large shareholding any prospective CEO may find Victor Muller’s personality too much of a challenge…

  2. I hope this kind of pressure from the unions side will help to get things sorted out and production restarted faster, it’s really a desaster!!!!

  3. They should also ask:

    1. Who owns the intelectual property rights ? Gm? If yes what are the conditions in the licence? GM to approve material ownership change in Swedish.NV?
    2. EIB? Is that finance connected to GM staying on board as shareholder and staying in force of Licenses?
    3. Transfer of ownership to large chinese parties has that the approval of GM? The chinese are boasting that they will get a lot of know how etc.

    this might be the moment to get this in the clear

  4. Sweden shame … They are the politicians not interesting in Saab and the pressure from the union is embarrassing… What they have the people to lose? What they have to win if it will be with Saab over.

    • +1
      Muller spoke to the CEO situation in Denver. The current lack of a CEO is not due to someone not wanting to fill the spot. On the contrary. However, the current cash-crunch has to get resolved before a decision can be made of who to pick from the short list of prospects.
      Bottom line: There are very capable and respected auto-industry pros in line for the CEO job of Saab and look forward to the challenge of setting the ship on a straight course.
      CEOs are not motivated by things like you and I…They hunger for the opportunity to turn companies around like this. We look at this as a nightmare job. A good CEO looks at this and licks their chops.

      • Hopefully there are non-auto-industry pros on the short list as well!!!

        Remember Adrian Hallmark. He was a boon for Saab, wasn’t he?

        PS. I look at it as a brilliant job, but one for a daredevil with little to lose. Working for Saab now has 90% chance of being a death kiss. Even sitting on their board is dangerous apparently.

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