When Anni came to daddy, little Ay had to go


Confused by the Anni and Ay go headline? Well, let me clearify things for you.
Please click on through to see what this post is all about… I´m Back in a 9-5.

Exit Piggy

I’ve driven a Toyota Aygo MultiMode (4 seater micro car avalible in Europe and sybling to the Peugeot 107 and Citroën C1) automatic since my left leg started to act all silly from my MS and I was no longer able to drive stick.
But eventhough the Aygo is a car nice to toss around in the city with and has a fuel economy so good it’s hard to grasp for being a petrol automatic… It is built with just that purpose: Enough for two, easy to park, for the sunday driver with no interest in cars but with a sense for economy… The Cheapskates! 🙂

But, things in life change, and besides it being strange for an SU writer to drive a Toy oh tah Aygooo as his daily drive (Thanks Robin M me mate, for calling it a Piggybank 🙂 …Oink) I have kids, wife  aaand a wheelchair. Facts that sorta makes the whole idea with the Toyota a “NoAygo” so to say.

Hello sexy

So three weeks ago I started to look around for a replacement vehicle and set up four demands:

1. Estate
2. No money should change hands
3. Automatic
4. It had to be another Toyota… Not.

This beauty Is what I ended up buying:
(He wrote with pride and a tear of joy glistening in the corner of his eye)


The 2007 Saab 9-5SC 2,0t BioPower Vector Anniversary Edition in Titan Grey

I took delivery of the 9-5 from the Volkswagen Salesmanager at  Toveks bil in Varberg, 560 km’s from where I live. I am truly greatful that they have no idea what to charge for a 9-5 with the equipmentlevel of my 9-5. And thank you Christian for being such a nice bloke. Wish you all the best.


My 9-5 has got Everything minus Satnav. Am I pleased? H–k yeah!!!!! What a car!!

And speaking of equipment. No even though I have a Hirsch Performance keychain, the car is not Hirsch´ed in any way… Yet. But I Will see to that Carbon Leather, a Spoilerwing etc will get be installed in and on my Anni. 🙂 But really.. It is a gem on it´s own.
And to annoy Robin M I just Have to install 3 Hella Rally lights with blue tinted glass up front.. or not 😉

Welcome Anni. Your daddy loves you 🙂
(Are Saab owners passionate about their cars? …nah)



39 thoughts on “When Anni came to daddy, little Ay had to go”

  1. What a great story! Thank you very much for sharing, and for the photos!

    I love the 2007 Anniversaries, and especially the blue leather inserts. It’s so great to hear you’ve found a Saab that suits your needs and gives you all the joy owning a Saab does.


  2. A beauty Tompa! And almost a copy of mine, only mine is Carbon grey AND has the 2,3t BP 🙂
    I don´t need to tell you it´s great, I´ve driven it since new late -08, MY -09 for 10.600 km, needless to say without ANY hickups.
    It is now joined with my wifes “new” car, it had to be a sensible car so I bought her a 9-3 Aero -01! I love that car even more!


  3. I am truly greatful that they have no idea what to charge for a 9-5 with the equipmentlevel of my 9-5.

    I love this line and find it so true across the globe. A non Saab dealer has no idea what they have in front of them when they bring in a Saab. Great to hear you got a great deal.

    • both spot on.

      3 years ago I bought a 9-3 Aero for £3000 from a non saab dealer.

      I am selling it soon to bank some money incase Saab produce a new 9-3.

      its rough value today? About £3000.

      That is cheap motoring!!! And what a car too!! not just a Toyota style frugal decision but so much fun aswell.

  4. Tom,
    you went there with an Aygoo?
    And came back with that beauty?
    And no money changed hands?

    Hope he can’t remember your face, because it is almost robbery what you have done 😉
    Although 560 km with an Aygooo is punishment enough.

    But if the VW dealer doesn’t know what he has !!!

    On the other side, ther must have been a poor soul that got not much money for that beauty and left the dealership with “Das Boring”.

    • Yeah, I know I got A good deal. The car used to be a companycar and the leasing company did not want to lease Saabs during the crisis… So of to VAGi the poor sods went and bought Das Boring’s und Das über priced Boring sybling… 😉

      The ride to Varberg was ok in the Aygo only bacause of the car waiting there for me 🙂

      I’m sooo happy


  5. I am tempted to post a new poll: Who thinks Tompa will be spending the night in his lovely new 9-5 tonight? 🙂

  6. Nice story, Tom! Good to see you back in a Saab again! 🙂

    We also bought a Saab from our local Volkswagen dealer recently, a nice 1999 9-5 Sedan in scarabe green to act as a companion for our laser red 2006 9-5 SportCombi. 😉

    • Beige interior in the 1999 9-5?
      Lovely combo with Scarabe. Sort of a tribute to Einar Hareide and his superb design.. And Simon Padian. Two great designers.


  7. well done, Tom! Enjoy!!

    am thinking of buying a 9-5 (Estate) as well, to replace my crippled 9K Griffin (or should i keep it…?) here, with 250k on the meter, they cost next to nothing (starting at € 1,5k for a 2002 2.0t Estate, but then i need to replace/overhaul the engine)

    • Keep it Peter! Treasure the 9K Griffin. The wood on the doorcards alone are enough to keep it going. There are loads of stuff in The Netherlands for it to stay a beauty.

      Cheers and hope to see you see you again soon.

      • okay okay…you convinced me (although i was thinking the same). Now i have to start fundraising to have the gearbox repaired, LOL
        (BTW: the value of a Saab 9000 is sh*t, here. it’s either: repair it or take it apart, but at only 211.000km, to me that’s not an option)

          • seconded…its worth repairing-use a Parts Gateway search or find a good saab specialist-9000 parts are easy to come by and economic and they are really good cars better than the intervening 9-5 in terms of quality and if you spend a couple of thousand Euro it could do another 200k in style..which would be cheap motoring considering that calibre of car.

    • Well I doo have a 900SE 2,3 as well, only that is a manual and the clutch is waaay to heavy for me to operate more than a couple of gear changes. It’s the last year with wire clutch. Breaks are the same as the 9-3 though. My wife loves it though as do I. Being a 14 year old car with 300′ k’s on it it sure does perform in a grand way. It could probably run for another 200′ if getting serviced. Good engine and a solid car.


  8. Well done Tom, great looking car there. But as you know I love the 9-5. Tim will have one very soon so the trend to have an 2007 anniversary is growing. Second Hirsch purchase should be the light surrounds. You will not regret it.

    • Thanks 🙂

      And I really thought of sleeping in it 😀

      It is a stunning vehicle. The whole family has fallen in love in Anni.


  9. Here in the US, not knowing what a Toyota Aygo was, a quick Google search confirms that Robin was correct. That car is a piggybank! Congratulations on your fantastic deal on the lovely new Anni! What a Saab!

  10. Congrats on the beautiful 9-5! I have a fondness for the 2007 Anniversary Eddition SAAB’s. I bought my 3rd SAAB (and first convertible SAAB) as an Anniversary Eddition, Ice Blue. The black and gray interior sets off the Ice Blue perfectly.
    Enjoy your new baby!

  11. On another note but connected to my cars. My avatar is my 900SE 2,3i -97. That car got a cleanup today awaiting sale. Seeing the car washed and vaccumed made me almost want to keep it. The AC needs a refill but otherwise the car is sooo nice. But since we have no use for it now that we have the Anni it has to go. Kinda hard letting it go though. Saabs have souls..

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