July comes to the End

July comes to the End and like last month I would like to make a resume of the last month sales data and an outlook on my expectations of the current month.

On Monday August 1st at 9:00 am (CEST) Sweden will be the first country presenting their sales figures, and with that the hunting for Saab Sales Data will start once again.

Last month I said that I was expecting Saab to sell about 1.200 cars and Saab managed to sell almost 1.300 cars, which isn’t much but it shows that at least 1.300 people do still believe in Saab. Sweden did perform very poor to be honest, but it is understandable as no other country is so massively informed about what many would see as Saab’s de-facto death. Also, Saab wasn’t able to sell one single car in 9 out of the 36 markets we follow, but this should also be due to the lack of stock.

And what will happen in July?

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Saab Owners Club GB National this weekend.

This weekend is the National get together event for the Saab Owners Club of GB.

It is being held at HAYDOCK RACECOURSE over the weekend of the 29-31 July 2011, members and non members are welcome, traders and car boot sales are welcome, evening meals will be available for Friday and Saturday, pets are allowed but must be kept on lead, Access to set up Tents,Caravans etc, is available from 14:00 29-July-2011.

The Proposed Programme is;

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Saab, Youngman and Pang Da to Sumbit Plan to NDRC within 30 days

This news coming to us from China Car Times, who report that the plan while not public yet will be submitted to China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) within the next 30 days. The NDRC as you recall oversees all overseas investments totaling over $100 million USD and approves or shoots down plans for major business developments in the Chinese market.

According to CCT, the three way joint venture will be majority controlled by Youngman with 34% and Saab and Pangda each taking 33%, and the board of directors will be made of up 5 people with 2 coming from Saab, 1 from Youngman and 1 Pangda representative making it to the table (leaving room for one outsider, Antonov perhaps?).

While this is light on new news, it gives us a good sense of whether or not Saab is sticking to its timeline for a mid September regulatory approval. With this bit of news, it seems like that is indeed still on track.

Thanks to Silas for the tip! Keep sending links to our email!

I thought it was frustration

Some weeks ago the amount of bad news on Saab reached a level where many used this platform for venting their frustration. It felt just right that people used different targets for their frustration. Some used the Swedish government, others the EIB, and some the Saab management, specially Victor Muller.

But the weeks have passed by, and the situation at Saab hasn’t changed that much, so I thought that most of the readers here at SaabsUnited had understood the situation at Saab, that they had learned which constraints are keeping Saab in the current situation, and that the management are working to get things sorted out.

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Morries Saab’s first ever Swap Meet & Car Show

A few weeks ago Morries Saab had their first ever Saab Swap Meet & Car Show which took place on July 9th, 2011.
Everybody was welcome and quite a few of you took along your Saabs and Saab Related items!
Anna from Morries Saab has sent us a write up about the event and a few photo’s which can be found on my Flickr Site

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SaabsUnited’s Call For Creative Professionals

I’ve hinted at it for weeks now, and we’re nearly ready to make our official announcement about the SaabsUnited Media Campaign Contest. While I can’t reveal too much just yet, I can tell you that it should go a long way toward giving us something constructive to focus our attention on rather than the day to day struggles Saab is digging out from under. If you believe that Saab has a future and you want to contribute to it, then you’re going to want to be a part of this event.

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