Belgium: Griffin deals

For the Belgium people on SaabsUnited it’s time to buy a Griffin, especially now!


Griffin 9-3 DIAMOND
standard Equipment
Griffin, plus:
• Diamond Silver metallic
• Saab Infotainment 150W / 7 Speakers
• Saab Parking Assistance
• Handsfree preparation for mobile phone
From € 24.990 ($ 35.361) net.
Advantage to € 5.050 ($ 7.145)
* DIAMOND series is not available in the 9-3 Convertible.


Saab 9-3 Griffin PLUS

standard Equipment
Griffin, plus:
• Leather seats
• Heated front seats
• Handsfree preparation for mobile phone
• Saab Parking Assistance
• Saab Infotainment 150W / CD player with 7 speakers
• etc
From € 26.990 ($ 38. 191) net.
Advantage to € 4.250 ($ 6.013)


Saab Griffin LIMITED

standard Equipment
Griffin, plus:
• leather front sports seats with heating
• Saab Infotainment Plus with DVD navigation and touch screen
• 17 ” allu wheels
• Bluetooth ™ phone integration system with voice Recognition
• …
From € 29.990 ($ 42.436) net
Advantage to € 6.250 ($ 8.843)


(Griffin offers avaible till the end of August)

8 thoughts on “Belgium: Griffin deals”

    • I was just wondering what you get for 24.990. A 130 hp TTID or a 163 hp Turbo4?
      Anyway, sounds like a very competitive offer to me.

      • Since the TTiD/130 is the cheapest on the pricelist at Saab Belgium, the “from” price will be for that engine. And I must say that this engine drives more comfortable then the TiD/150. Haven’t driven the TTiD/160 yet…

      • And looking at the pricelist a little more carefully, a 163 Turbo4 will cost as little as 800 euro’s more on the Griffin and just 300 euro’s on the Griffin plus and Griffin Limited.

  1. Nice. I’m used to see the cheapest diesel 9-3 well above € 32000, which is very good nowadays with CO2 of just 119 g/km.
    Just for the record, a Mercedes C class C180 with just 120 hp costs € 40000. An Audi 2.0 TDI with 136hp starts near €37000 just like a BMW 316d (yes, 316d)
    You can see now why posted before I don’t think the prices should go down (at least in markets where this also happens), as they are already well bellow the competition.

  2. This is really aggressive price policy and whether you choose petrol or diesel it starts with 320 Nm under the hood (163 hp direct-injection petrol turbo or 130 hp TTiD diesel). If this kind of pricing appears on more markets ….Wow!

  3. okay, 25 Grand….in NL, that would also give you a Vdub Golf Variant 1.2TSI bluemotion Highline (€ 25.360) or a lepO Astra Sportstourer 1.4 120bhp ‘sport’ (€ 25.200)

    i know my choice (none of the above)…

    who said Saabs were expensive?

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