July comes to the End

July comes to the End and like last month I would like to make a resume of the last month sales data and an outlook on my expectations of the current month.

On Monday August 1st at 9:00 am (CEST) Sweden will be the first country presenting their sales figures, and with that the hunting for Saab Sales Data will start once again.

Last month I said that I was expecting Saab to sell about 1.200 cars and Saab managed to sell almost 1.300 cars, which isn’t much but it shows that at least 1.300 people do still believe in Saab. Sweden did perform very poor to be honest, but it is understandable as no other country is so massively informed about what many would see as Saab’s de-facto death. Also, Saab wasn’t able to sell one single car in 9 out of the 36 markets we follow, but this should also be due to the lack of stock.

And what will happen in July?

From May to June we had a drop of about 22%, if we are now to see a similar drop the total figure would be just over the 1.000 mark, nonetheless there are two variables that may move that figure quite a lot in both directions. First we have the introduction of the 9-4x in the US, which will bring (I’m sure about that) the US to the global #1 position, it is unclear how many have been delivered to customers. We had news of the very first delivery here at SaabsUnited, but we have not tried to count them by contacting all the dealers.

Otoh, July is a summer month in the northern hemisphere were most of Saab markets currently are. So it is expected to be slow month for sales and deliveries, as people go on vacation rather than to the Saab dealership, and this could bring the July figure under the 1.000 units mark.

My bet is 1.100 units.

I know that Austria did deliver 15 cars in the first 20 days of July and that Canada was able to sell 12 cars in the first 3 weeks of the month, and at least this beautiful 9-3 SC comes on top of that figure. So its only 1.072 left πŸ˜‰

This car was delivered at Springman’s Saab in the Langley/Surrey area in Canada to a 9-5 SC driver. Yes, deliveries to a non former Saab driver are better for Saab, but currently we, the enthusiasts, the dealers and Saab should be very happy if only current Saab drivers change their old Saab for a new one.

BTW, I’m still waiting for my second Griffin, I will be very happy if I get it in August, but a September delivery would also be OK for me, but by then the delivery figures will rise a lot, so nobody will notice my grain of sand. =)

26 thoughts on “July comes to the End”

  1. Red J? Second Griffin? I assume that makes you a three Saab household as I am sure you got one of the last OG95SCs back in March 2010?

    • No, it will be only a 2 Saab household as the last series of the OG9-5 were also Griffins, at least in continental Europe.

    • 8-900 is my guess for July. Half of that in the US….. Sweden will probably be under 200 units this time. And probably 2-3 more small markets with 0 sold cars. Someone wrote here at SU a few days ago that there will come some great news……….still hope for it. I wonder what VM is doing right now….. πŸ™‚

  2. RedJ, the 9-3 SC went out today and if sales numbers are done by registrations then it will show for July. We have actually had more customers in to see the Saabs recently then the last 6 months. I have a certain local guy that owns a 9-3 that I keep gently suggesting that he needs to make the move into a beautiful white 9-5 Aero but I won’t mention names or that he posted before you.lol. We are fortunate that all is not lost here as the customers that are still driving their older Saabs still love them and still want a new one at some point and are still enthusiest to the core. I look forward to adding numbers to the sales totals when we are able to order the 9-4X, I believe that vehicle will be a game changer too.

  3. Clearly, sales figures are really uninportant right now considering Saab’s current condition. The only figure that really counts is the number of cars produced. All cars sold in July were delivered prior to the production stoppage and the money is already in Saab’s hands. Until Saab starts producing again, there will be no money.

      • Very little, I’d guess: They are not manufacturing it, and it’s the dealers that are selling it. What’s left? 10 to 15%?

        And that has to pay marketing, Saab USA. Etc etc.

      • That will be “small change”. The gross margin on every car that Saab sells is <5%, so let's say they sell 250 9-4X's this month. The revenue for Saab will be:

        250 * $45,000 * 10% = 562,500

        And then they still have to pay other costs such as marketing etc
        You should nog forget that Saab "buys" the 9-4 from GM and then they can sell it so dealers so there is not a lot of margin.

  4. Hello to all, I am new here and this is my 1st post… I have been following this situation with Saab for the past 2 weeks now! I have never owned a Saab, but we are crazy about the new 9-3x allroad wgn. We are worried about the problems that would arrise after owning a Saab for a few years down the road and if Saab were to go away… what would happen as far as warranties and parts/service and insurance for that matter?
    Now, I’m not new to this type of situation… as I own 2 Range Rover Classics, the only difference is we would have a monthly payment for the next 4yrs. As soon as Tata bought Land Rover they abandoned the parts progams 4 the Classics and soon the later model Discoverys as well! Another sad story of the big guys dumping the little guys… sound familiar! American companies need to lose weight….but not in this way if you know what I mean, very disapointing!
    I know that BMW still makes parts for my 88 M6, and I can still find parts for my Range Rover ( will be keeping 1, and selling the other) until the parts run out anyway!
    Maybe, somebody can shed some light on my apreihention!
    I am hoping for the best like all of you….. as I would love add a Saab to the family!


    • I’m in exactly the same boat, frustrated that my 9-3X didn’t arrive in June, when it was supposed to. The way I now look at it is that it seems quite clear that Saab cannot survive as an independent company – matters have deteriorated just too far. So, the only way out is a takeover. That could be any industrial group, but most likely the Chinese. In any case China will be an important part of Saab’s future no matter what. In order to sustain brand image whoever it is will need a strong Swedish presence and to maintain goodwill from existing owners and enthusiasts. That means they will have to support parts for previous models and tool up to make replacement parts if the previous suppliers either refuse to supply or have gone bust.

      Also it seems clear that Saab cannot now restart production without the injection of significant additional capital and that in turn probably means that long-term funding is already in place – i.e. that a takeover has happened.

      So, if you order a 9-3X now you won’t actually take delivery of it unless production has restarted and that almost certainly won’t happen before a takeover that has injected large amounts of capital with a clear strategic plan behind it. And the strategic plan will include a parts strategy. In other words, if you do order a 9-3X you may not get it, but if you do you should be alright for parts and warranty. However, please don’t sue me if I’ve got this all wrong.

  5. Stocks are very low everywere in Europe it seems. Only 6 so far in the Netherlands. I think it will be over soon. I am trying to prepare myself. Feeling sad….. πŸ™ Hope I am wrong. Where is Mr. Pang and VM….I wonder what they are doing……?

  6. In terms of sales volume: it didn’t have to be like this. Saab could have sold far more volume in markets like the USA, if they had MSRP-centric marketing. Price the car in the meat of the high volume market. Of course it isn’t profitable, but it does provide volume. The scenario without volume is even worse: we are seeing it now. If Saab had learned this lesson 1 year ago, rather than now, this stoppage might not have occurred. In hindsight, what occurred was inevitable given Saab’s strategy, I feel.

    • Actually, I just walked into the Saab dealer last week and the salesperson gave me a choice of a white or red 9-3x that he had located at a another dealership. Unfortunatly, like I said in my 1st post and like everybody else I will have to wait a little while longer until better news!
      Also, on our trip back from the beach this afternoon as I headed up Rt1 in New Jersey…. I came upon a sad sight after passing a plethera of showrooms and lots full of Mercedes and Jaguars and a half dozen other brands…. I see a vacant and deserted Saab showroom, needless to say I got a bad stomach pain!

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