Morries Saab’s first ever Swap Meet & Car Show

A few weeks ago Morries Saab had their first ever Saab Swap Meet & Car Show which took place on July 9th, 2011.
Everybody was welcome and quite a few of you took along your Saabs and Saab Related items!
Anna from Morries Saab has sent us a write up about the event and a few photo’s which can be found on my Flickr Site

Here in Minnesota, one of our traditions has been to keep a Cabin Up North, a refuge, a place to go to relax and maybe forget our worldly troubles on a lake, frozen or otherwise, with a beverage, also frozen or otherwise.
With all of the drama that Saab has engendered over the last couple of years, it seems as if more people than ever were going Up North to escape the ever-present dramatic news. We Midwesterners don’t believe in engendering drama, we prefer to find a place in quiet solitude (that Cabin Up North) to solve said dramas with a bit of quiet, well-placed common-sense.
Having noticed that lots of Saab folks seem to have lately gone Up North in an effort to patiently outwait Sweden, we decided to take matters into our own hands to try to lure them back, reintroduce them to Saab and to each other. This takes a great deal of patience, hard work, and bratwurst.

We could do this! We were up to the challenge! After all, Morrie himself, the man who runs it all, is a Saab guy! He could drive Maseratis every day, but no! It’s a 9-5 Aero in Jet Black. Period.
We were up to the challenge!
Three months of careful planning later, the flyers were out, emails had been sent, fancier flyers went out, fancier emails were sent!
And I realized that half of them were listing the start or the show nearly an hour earlier than planned.
Tossing and turning in a cold sweat the night just before the show, my mind’s eye producing horrifying images of only one car coming, or just as bad, the massive Thunderstorms that were forecast on every one of the 200-plus channels on TV washing everyone away, leaving only that one car in my freshly-cleared parking lot to forlornly attest to my failure to make this happen, I couldn’t sleep.
I arrived at work at 8:10am, to see Phil, all alone, opening up the blue Viggen to start setting up.
And then it started to rain.
And he looked afraid.
Our eyes met.
“Inside, or out?”
-spatter of rain-
“It’s raining. Oh to heck with it. Go for out”.
And so it began.
A trickle of cars came in. I moved Morrie’s gorgeous 1969 Sonett V4 outside, after forgetting how to shift the column shifter into reverse.
A few more folks rolled in from whatever Cabin Up North they had been hiding at, and then, the skies cleared literally and metaphorically, and They Came! From the dealers and the specialty shops, from the enthusiasts to the mom of our manager, they came!
Every Saab Cabin Up North in a 300 mile radius was empty that gloriously warm and sunny Saturday in July!
The bags of schwag, the key chains, hats, all in the hands of Saab people as our thanks to them for coming. And the Bratwurst. The grill had never seen so much action. Goodness me, it worked!
I cannot thank enough all of the participants, the Minnesota Saab Club, Nines, SaabsUnited, Phil, Steve, Jamie, Aaron, John and Doug, everyone who helped make it happen.
Thanks as well to Schmelz Countryside Saab, Andrews, Meyer Saab for joining us to promote the Saab community, and of course to Morrie of Morrie’s Saab for being a Saab guy.
I hope you enjoy the photo gallery, and we invite all of you at SaabsUnited to join us next year virtually or in person!


10 thoughts on “Morries Saab’s first ever Swap Meet & Car Show”

  1. As a Swede and a Saab enthusiast it’s heart-warming to see and read about this; it seems to have been a very nice gathering; thanks for sharing.

  2. Drat! Sorry I hadn’t heard about this. 🙁 I would have driven over from North Oaks in my 9-3 vert–the fourth Saab I’ve bought from Schmelz clan, and the fifth Saab I have owned. 🙂

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