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Seems that SAAB has serious intentions concerning Russian market. Yesterday I took part in the roundtable, organized by Armand Import CIS. I acted as a member of SU team and as a moderator of

First of all I would like to thank once again  Alexander Lyubartovich Alexander and Asel Moldakhmetova from Armand Import CIS for organizing this meeting, it was very interesting and informative.

My very first impression is that despite all the obstacles ( I mean difficulties that SAAB faces and complexity of Russian legal system) guys from Armand are set up quite seriously. The new 9-5 is now proceeding with the certification, that is why the date of official presentation moved on the 8th August. (if you’re registered at or, I’m happy to say that there will be a pre-presentation on the 5th August).

The 9-3 should be recertified because of the new types of engines.

Since SAAB is independent from GM, all dealerships should revise its sales policy, logistics, spare parts provisions etc. So there is a huge amount of work to be done.

The deliveries of new cars (9-3 and 9-5) should begin at the end of September, the 9-4X will be available for test-drive this time.

So the work is in a full swing!

So I wish to everyone involved in this process a lot of energy. Keep on going!

10 thoughts on “News from Russia”

    • Это 5!!!
      Googletrance ? 🙂

      Could be there on Monday, August 8, while moving south by one of our 9000’s.


      • 🙂 My English is so poor?

        PS: as SU is an english speaking site, in respect for other readers, pls, comment in English

        • No, Captain Snail :), it looks much better than mine, I was just LOL when saw ValS converted by Alexandros to Вальс, not e.g. ВалС…
          Wait, is Вальс the right way to pronounce your nick? My apologies than, but ‘Waltz, good news and thanks!’ looks as great mem nonetheless :).

          BTW, will you be there on August 8th or on August 5th only?

          • No idea 🙂 just composed my nickname like TimR did – first name+letter from family name.

            I will not attend the presentation neither on 5th nor on 8th August as I will be in Finland at the International Saab meeting.
            But I strongly recommend everyone, who have not seen the car yet. It is much more interesting when you see it really. As far as I know it will be a fully loaded Aero!

          • Well, see you at Ellivuori then!
            Aero (if you mean V6) is the thing to try. When I was at the wheel of Turbo4 last summer at ANA, no one on the back seat (a Moscow SAABer, my 9yr old son, a Petersburg SAABer) seemed to be impressed, though I was limited in revs and skids by ANA’s manager to the right of me ;).
            Hope I’ll make it from Finland via Petersburg and next morning through Moscow…

  1. Speaking of Russia, this article appeared in The Local today: Saab Suppliers Seek Antonov Contact
    I would like to see more pressure from the media regarding the silence on Antonov. A few snippets:

    Suppliers to cash-strapped Swedish car maker Saab have tired of the ongoing financing uncertainty and have sought direct contact with Russian financier and would-be Saab investor Vladimir Antonov.

    “What is being done is not fair. Now is the time for those who say no to Antonov show their hand. Neither the government nor the European Investment Bank (EIB) has been able to say why they don’t approve him,” said Svenåke Berglie, chair of Fordonskompentgruppen (FKG

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