Saab 9-4X Joins Saab 9-5 Sedan in earning Top Safety Pick 2011

Nice news from Trollhättan, Sweden: The new Saab 9-4X crossover has earned ‘Top Safety Pick’, the highest rating for crashworthiness awarded by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in the United States. Only three weeks ago, the Saab 9-5 Sedan received the same accolade.

“To achieve two Top Safety Picks in three weeks is, of course, extremely gratifying,” says Per Lenhoff, Head of Safety Development at Saab Automobile. “Our main priority is always the protection of real people in real accidents, but the IIHS tests are a valuable guide for consumers and it is important for us to achieve good results.”

IIHS is a research and communications organization funded by auto insurers in the US. The test procedures include front impact (offset) and side impact crashes. Seat/head restraints are also tested in a simulated rear-end impact to assess protection against whiplash injuries and the roof structure is tested to assess vehicle rollover protection.

Performance is rated as ’Good’, ’Acceptable’, ’Marginal’ or ’Poor’ in each of the tests and to achieve the ’Top Safety Pick’ award, cars must achieve the highest rating in all four procedures and should also be fitted with ESP®.

20 thoughts on “Saab 9-4X Joins Saab 9-5 Sedan in earning Top Safety Pick 2011”

    • Yes it’s much more fun than talking about the report published today, 3.1 billion SEK loss. I guess that it won’t be an article about that here.

  1. Breaking NEWS!!!
    Wall STreet Journal :
    STOCKHOLM (Dow Jones)–The Swedish National Debt Office Tuesday said it has submitted documentation to the Swedish government regarding Saab Automobile’s request to sell shares in Saab Automobile Property AB.

    The NDO considers the Swedish government to have enough collateral to cover the guarantees for Saab Automobile’s state-backed loans in the European Investment Bank, even without the shares in Saab Automobile Property AB.

    The decision about the sale will, however, be made by the government.

    Saab Automobile plans to sell 50.1% of Saab Automobile Property AB to a consortium of Swedish real-estate investors for a transaction value of EUR28 million, to ease its acute liquidity crisis. The property was previously used as collateral for Saab Automobile’s state-backed loans from the EIB.

  2. Finally the good news is made public. We found this one out a while ago but had to keep our mouths shut :P. To make your day even brighter, there’s more good news in the pipeline.

    • It is indeed very good news! 😀 Are you also saying that more good news is coming today? Maybe you have a hotline to Maud Olofsson so you know which decision the Swedish Government will take? 😉

    • Of course not; but what should they have done? Told IIHS that “no, don’t release the news about the safety award for the 9-4x, it will do nothing to help us get the production running in THN”.

      Good news is always good news; the 9-4x is on its way to the dealers. Soon they’ll have two, new, Top Safety Pick awarded vehicles to sell.

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