SAAB 9-5NG: Belarus Edition

Let’s turn to some positive news  at this difficult time.

You may know that SAAB is not officially presented in most of CIS countries. However SAAB is a well known brand in these countries and there are many people who own and drive Saabs.

My friend AndyAero from Minsk (Belarus) is an experienced Saabdriver  and fan. He owns a 9000 Aero and until recently a Turbo X that he sold to get this one

SAAB is not presented in Belarus officially, so Andy purchased this beautiful 9-5 in Lithuania.

Few days ago he was in Moscow for some business and I took some pictures and a short test-drive. It is the second time I drive the new 9-5 and I would like to say once again – this car is a very big step forward for SAAB. in every detail!

Thanks Andy and enjoy your new car!



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