Saab “Midsommar” edition

Although production hasn’t started yet, it seems like Saab Germany is already thinking about how to increase sales after production re-start.

Saab Germany has introduced the “Midsommar” special edition.

Yo can get a 9-3 SportCombi Griffin Midsommar or a 9-3 Cabriolet Griffin Midsommar. Both cars are available either with the 2.0t (163hp) BioPower engine or the 1.9 TTiD (160hp) diesel engine, both with manual or automatic 6 gear transmission.

The Midsommar is based on the Griffin, but with some interesting options like the navigation system or 17″ wheels or upgraded seats or the wind deflector for the Convertible.

All in all the Midsommar edition is between € 8.440 and € 9.550 less expensive than an equally equipped 9-3 Griffin.

Prices are form 29.900 for a 9-3 SC 2.0t M6 till 38.900 for a 9-3 Conv TTiD A6.

For that money you can get a V60 with 150 hp, but without 17″ wheels or navigation system, or an Audi A4 with only 120 hp, but no BMW 3 touring whatsoever.

In the US you call it rebate but we, in Europe, call it special edition.

16 thoughts on “Saab “Midsommar” edition”

  1. Nice. That’s pretty aggressive pricing. If I were in Germany and on the market for a 9-3, I would certainly bite.

    And it is encouraging to see that folks are looking past the production halt on this one. Advertising costs serious money, so it’s good to see them confident that this campaign is likely to reap some benefits.

    I’m anxious to see some serious advertising here in the US. Can anyone drop any hints/teasers that I’ll be seeing some new flashy billboards, TV commercials, etc. over here in the states soon?

    • From what Tim Colbeck was saying recently, TV adds are not on the radar ($$) at the moment.

      The company has launched Internet campaigns on Facebook, car Web sites and other lifestyle sites. Saab also has print ads in six select markets–including cities in the Northeast, Chicago and Denver, Rooney said.

      Saab also is showcasing vehicles in high-end malls and is offering extended test-drives for interested customers. Still, Colbeck said the company has no immediate interest in expanding into TV advertising.

      Read more:

    • No 9,
      Ah, you beat me to it. 🙂 I was going to post the comment below; but since it was you who put the post in the forum, so much better.

      I think you can find one hint in a quite recent forum post, at least for SCNA:

      Tim Colbeck on the move

      Ads are expensive; first you’ll have to create them, and then you’ll have to pay for the “space”, air time etc. I don’t think a coast-to-coast-prime-time ad campaign is the best way forward; it will cost plenty… But at least it will (with a bit of luck) make people aware that Saab didn’t vanish in 2009, as some people in the US seem to think.

      The article mentioned in the forum post, was later mentioned in a blog comment, and I’ll repeat what my thought was then:
      [As for TV ads] I guess it would be fun for the Saab enthusiasts, seeing something fresh on the telly, but that’s not the way to do it at the moment. Also, as I said in the forum, if you focus on the price and price only, there will always be someone selling something with one more gadget included. You can’t win that race. But I guess most want the price to be as low as possible.

      Perhaps a good topic to continue in the forum?

  2. very interesting. Btw. regarding phone support (#3 in the footnotes) : HTC (at least Desire) works as well. It may be would interesting to know which phones are working with the bluetooth systems which people use also on older Saabs – should work in new ones as well. Some kind of unofficial support list … forum ?

  3. Saab Australia are having their own “Midsommar Sale” claiming 30% off MSRP. It will be interesting to see where prices will start when the “sale” ends…. i think a fully equipped vector model 9-3ss will have to come in around $39,990.00 driveaway to rebuild trust, confidence etc

  4. Its not the best idea to ditch the prices so hefty when you are trying to get your brand image and value back. That will again hit hard on the resale values for leasing.

  5. wow… if i had some extra money i would buy the 93 convertible… what a price!
    Well i can dream for now… and work hard the next years…
    In that time i will drive my 900 II convertible…

    if the germans dont buy this in thousands… selber schuld!

    cheers and a nice weekend

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