Saab Swedish sales data – June 2011

Saab has sold 221 cars in Sweden in June 2011.

In figures

June: 182 (708 in 2010)
YTD: 2474 (2259 in 2010)

June: 39 (130 in 2010)
YTD: 663 (928 in 2010)

June: 221 (838 in 2010)
YTD: 3137 (3187 in 2010)

The figures are bad, but I didn’t expect much more.

This are the gooletranslated words of Magnus Hansson, Sales manager for the nordic region.

– As long as we do not build any cars, we can not deliver any, as reflected in the figures, it is that simple. It is a tough and regrettable situation for both our dealers and customers who are waiting for their cars, says Magnus Hansson, head of Saab Sweden.

– When production starts again, our first priority as soon as possible to get all pre-ordered cars to waiting customers. Then we will together with the retailers to start promoting and highlighting the strongest model program in Saab’s history. It includes environmentally rated 9-3 Griffin TTiD that both the Sport Sedan and SportCombi, 9-5 Sedan and the new 9-5 SportCombi, and later this fall, new 9-4X. With this breadth, we are confident that we have cars that will attract both old and new customers to the Saab dealer, concludes Magnus Hansson.

12 thoughts on “Saab Swedish sales data – June 2011”

  1. 221, not 182. 😉

    Peter Hallberg, manager or the Saab dealers association, commented this figure in Sveriges Radio news a moment ago. He estimated the Swedish dealers have orders for 700-800 cars, which could’ve been delivered in June, if …

  2. I think it is good considering the fact that no cars are produced at the moment. I don’t think SAAB even have that many more new cars to sell in Sweden, due to the production stop. I am guessing that there are still a lot buyers waiting for their car to be manufactured. So I don’t thin any of us were expecting great sales numbers right?


  3. Having spoken to my local dealer recently, he says that they have a number of orders to fill and just need to get production going again. So far nobody has cancelled their order so hopefully Saab can get production going again soon and these loyal/new customers can get the product they so clearly want.

    Griffin Up! Cuore Sportivo!

  4. I saw my first 9-5 SC out in the wild today! It was black driving out of Göteborg towards Mölndal.

    Come on, restart the factory now and there will be sales record after sales record in Sweden and all around the globe! 🙂

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