Saab UK helping the dealer network

After the release of the news that there will be no production at Saab in Trollhätan during July, some of you have expressed your support for the dealers which will have to wait another month without new cars.

Saab UK has now started an action that could help the dealers to at least sell more approved cars.

Two-year free servicing plan available on approved used saab vehicles

With fuel prices at an all time-high, customer demand for high quality vehicles at affordable prices is on the rise. Saab is responding to this demand by offering an exclusive free of charge two-year service plan on Approved Used Saabs.

The free servicing plan, worth up to £700, is available on all used cars up to five years old or up to 60,000 miles, giving customers the chance to drive away a fantastic vehicle without the annual cost associated with the service.

What’s more, all Approved Used vehicles purchased from a Saab dealership comes with an industry-leading guarantee for a minimum of 12 months or 15,000 miles on vehicles up to 10 years or 100,000 miles, plus a comprehensive multi-point mechanical check and 12 months Saab AA Assistance.

When it comes to purchasing a used Saab vehicle, superior service and quality are a top priority. All customers can be confident that Saab’s highly skilled team of technicians have the experience and expertise to service their cars and keep them in the best condition possible, using genuine Saab parts that are covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Starting 11th July and available until 30th September 2011, the two year’s free servicing offer includes parts, labour and VAT.

To find Approved Used Saab vehicles available, go online and try Saab’s Used Car Locator at

17 thoughts on “Saab UK helping the dealer network”

  1. Last week, A colleague of mine asked me about 9-3’s and their specifications. So I gave him the low down.

    I’ve just sent him an email with the details of the offer.

    So hopefully he will be trading in his Ford Mondeo for a used approved Saab.

    Free servicing for two years is a great offer on a used car.

  2. It seems that the dealers in Sweden has gotten a new car configurator on their computers.
    I went to the dealer in Enköping to configure a 9-5SC and he went all surprised as the configurator started up. An all new design and layout appeared on the computer.
    Maybe a sign of some ongoing engineering/development behind all the media scenes?
    Would be nice to have the SC up on the Saab site as a “build your car”.
    Solly, this was definitely a BTW. 🙂

    • This article was on the site at the beginning of the week.

      I do agree though, Saab seats aint what they used to be.

      My office chair is a 1995 GM 900 front seat in light tan leather mounted on a 5 wheel gas strut pedastal (made it myself). I sit on it every day (Monday to Friday) for about 8 hours a day and have done for some time now. It is battered and scuffed but it has not gone baggy or sagged anywhere.

      My MY08 9-5 wagon has done 30K (ish) miles and the seat base is starting to look a bit baggy. I kind of wish that I’d bought the Linear with cloth seats instead of the Vector Sport.

  3. Hope the dealers remember to remind potential customers of the excellent driving ergonomics in Saabs of any age. They might not have fancy interior but if you’re into cars it doesn’t matter much.
    Came across an interesting review where the older -pre-MY10?- E Merc got flak for ergonomics and being too ‘quirky’! No wonder I never liked a single one of them after the first impression.

    And this thing probably cost double compared to a 9-5 of the same age.

  4. Great to see Saab UK helping out the dealer network, No dealers = no sales= no Saab!! and as i have a MY12 9-3 TTID SE on order ths is the last thing i want to happen.
    I had noticed that some of the Saab leather seats have gone a bit baggy in the bases so to get over this i orderd the half leather seats on my 9-3 SE i think the grey inserts will compliment the titanium dash surround.

    • Not sure it works like that! The UK has complex dealer agreements that require notice being given on both sides. So I doubt that is correct…..

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