Saab UK sales data – June 2011

June 2011 265 (704 in June 2010)
YTD 2011 3509 (2517 YTD 2010)

(5850 YT 2010)

The big three have published their figures, and almost all the mid-size markets have done it also. I was hoping for 1200 registered units in June, about 500 less than in May. Well, all the markets till now sum up to 1.206 units. 🙂

The UK market has a second peak in September, so keep the fingers crossed that Saab can deliver the cars for September.

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          • Smokin’ on kippers!


            Actually Vulcan XH558 is no longer based at Bruntingthorpe, though it was rebuilt there.

            Off topic, but for those who are interested in XH558, this years air displays are awesome. The display at RAF Waddington was excellent.

            If you live in the UK and want to see the ‘Aluminium Overcast’ fly, get to RAF Faiford for the 2001 RIAT show 16-17 july.

            And if SAAB GB are reading, it’ll be a great place to show off the cars (there are several Griipens on the ground and in the air).

    • SAAB UK don’t pre-reg vehicles, Dealers do and if they could have sold them I think they would. June isn’t known for a poor selling month in UK August is. I think the media has had a big hand in these figures. Let’s hope they will be just as wiling the praise saab as they have been of criticising them.

      • I have been going up to Brunt on business for many years, watched them rebuild the Vulcan and often talked to the guys doing the job at the Airfields excellent Cafe (now defunct) however there is a good burger stand that does a mean Bacon roll!

      • Yes they do! Saab City is owned by Saab GB. Just have a little look at their pre registered stock….its massive. Lots of dealers are unhappy at having to register anymore cars as they still have pre reg’s that have been sat there for months.

      • Woodz thats not stricly accurate, you are correct that its the dealers that pre-reg the cars but who do you think drives this?
        No dealer would willingly pre-reg cars if they didnt have to as this totally screws cashflow and is indeed very risky as nobdy is quite sure what the campaign will be the next month/ quarter (recently not even Saab themselves know!!)
        the truth is that Saab put such a good level of cash support into getting dealers to register cars that in the end the dealer really doesnt have a choice – either pre reg and have a price competetive car or dont pre reg and be 000’s of £££’s more expensive than an equivilent new model.
        by the way the biggest culprit for pre-reging Saabs is Saab city – and they are owned by Saab UK!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Absolutely right about the Media, once the news about Saab not being able to pay it’s employees was on the BBC, that was it, game over for a while, the production stopages were not taken that seriousely by the general public as lots of motor manufacturers have had production stoppages though for different reason’s but once it gets known you can’t pay the wages it brings to mind a very bad word in the UK, ROVER!

    A few press releases about finding new funds are nowhere near enough to regain the buyers confidence in the UK, in Sweden it would seem that most Saab fans take the view that was this was none of Saab’s fault, I don’t subscribe to this point of view, this was bad management pure and simple, the man at the top has a lot of attributes but he has some serious failing to, I am sure that once the Chinese arrive he will be pushed to one side and they will appoint a faceless but efficient CEO.

    As for you comments about Saab UK not pre-registering cars themselves, you do have a point, they are pre registered by dealer’s, however what Saab do is register vehicles in there own name and then lease them out to rental companies at very cheap rate for a few month’s then they find there way back to a certain Airfield, it has the same effect on used values, it drives them down!

    • It also puts bums on seats, as many people get put in Saab hire cars that would never have normally thought of the brand. In this context it appears to be a valid marketing ploy for a brand trying to raise awareness. These cars at Bruntingthorpe are then offered through the dealer network and are extremely good value.

      • No the problem occurs when they find there way into the dealer network and then these dealers put huge pressure on their sales force to bin largely unwanted metal for next to no profit.

        • They don’t just find there way into the network, it is up to each dealer whether they take them into stock. If a dealer then decides to pressure there sales people and push them out with no margin that is there prerogative. Luckily a lot of the network do not operate like this, however as business conditions get tougher with customer confidence probably at an all time low, there are going to be some silly deals out there for some time to come.

        • Question:

          I don’t know anything about the UK market: Is this a common practice amongst all Brands or exclusive to Saab?
          If it is a common practice it is your market that is like that

          • Different manufacturers use different tactics.
            Saab are not the only ones to offer “huge discounts” on pre-registered cars.

            That said, I’m one of the 265 that bought & had their new Saab registered in June. I was looking at pre-registered cars initially, and there are some good deals to be had in the Midlands, but my local dealer was £1500 more expensive.

            However, a brand new car comes with 3 years free servicing to bridge some of the gap (which pre-reg don’t) so I was happy to go with new and keep my business local.

            I looked at Volvo, who were also offering large discounts, Honda (offering some discount), Ford (they have done pre-reg and heavy discount in the past although not much on offer right now).

            However, when you look at who Saab align themselves with (BMW, Mercedes, Audi) those marques are not discounting or pre-registering, because they don’t need to I guess.

            By the time I’d finished a similar spec BMW or Mercedes (with their options selected to match the gadgets that are standard in the Saab) was listed at nearly 50% more than the discounted price of the Saab. So because of the current problems there could be a couple of impacts – obviously Saab prices have been driven down to levels where they are competing against Mazda, Ford etc (decent marques, but not premium) and the premium marques have less competition and more customers so don’t need to discount.

            Pre-registering cars is one of those things that normally goes in phases and if you’re buying a new car you really want to time it right, as posted above August is normally a good month because the new registration plates come out in September, but it’s normally done further down the marketplace on smaller cars where there is more competition (unless I’ve just not noticed it in the past).

  2. Spoke to guys at Saab City and main problem they have is not enough recognition of the 9-5 (for obvious reasons not a big ad campaign was waged here). 9-3 sales have been pretty good, the diesel is good for road tax and a lot of private buyers like the relative value against an A4 or a 3-series and don’t want to trade down to a Mondeo / Insignia / Avensis. As per other European markets, a non-diesel 9-4 is going to struggle badly against other Chelsea tractors. The big hope is that the 9-5SC really gains a real cachet agaisnt the more nondescript German rivals, but they will have to get a really good campaign going to get the public here buying. Still, got a great deal on buying my 9-5!

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