SaabsUnited application now available for your Nokia phone

Hello SaabsUnited-readers, this is JH writing. You may recognize me from the comments section, but today I am a guest writer here to introduce the new SaabsUnited application for Nokia phones. I am using a Nokia phone myself and thought that a SaabsUnited application would be nice to have. Since I had discovered a good way to make one I contacted TimR and today we can present the results! As I told you I am a guest writer for now but maybe I will appear here again, only time will tell. 🙂 


It has become increasingly popular to run so called apps or applications in one’s mobile phones, and they can sometimes be quite useful. Now the time has come for SaabsUnited to launch its new mobile phone application for Nokia phones and we hope it will make it easier for our readers to keep up with the latest news. Now you’re most likely thinking along the lines of “Oh, I need one of those fancy smartphones to run it” but that is actually not the case. The SaabsUnited application for Nokia phones will run both on the advanced smartphones with Symbian and newer models of the more affordable featurephones running Series 40. To check if your phone is compatible, click the link to Nokia Ovi Store below and choose your phone model through the link in the upper right corner. For supported phones the SaabsUnited application also includes a homescreen widget.

SaabsUnited applications for other mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone might be launched at a later date but are currently not being developed. In the mean time you can access the mobile version of the website through your phone’s built-in web browser or, for example, Opera Mini/Mobile.

Download the application from Nokia Ovi Store:

If Ovi Store tells you that  the application is not compatible with your phone, you may want to search for “SaabsUnited” on Ovi Store to find another version since there are different versions for different phone models depending on which operating system they run.

An introduction to the application is available after the jump!

Introduction to the application:

The SaabsUnited application will look a bit different on different Nokia phone models, but the main features will be similar across the line. A Nokia C7-00 running Symbian^3 has been used for the following screenshots.

The main view shows the heading and logo, a refresh button in the upper left corner and a close button in the upper right corner and below them the latest articles with a thumbnail image taken from the article where available.

When you click on an article in the main view, you are taken to the article page. The heading, logo and refresh buttons are still present but the close button has changed into an arrow taking you back to the main view. Below these the article text and heading are shown together with the first image. The fact that only the first image is shown is a known issue but to see the rest of the images there is always a link below the text named “See original story” which will take you to the SaabsUnited website through your phone’s default web browser. This problem might be solved in future versions of the application but it is nothing we can promise at the moment.

At the end of each article below the link to the SaabsUnited website there are four share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, SMS and E-mail allowing you to share a link to the article on SaabsUnited through the respective services. There are also two arrow buttons allowing you to browse through the latest articles without having to return to the main view.

Finally, here is the homescreen widget which is available for more advanced Nokia phones such as the Symbian^3 smartphones and some phones running S60 5th Edition. It is showing the latest article headings from SaabsUnited and when you click on it you are taken to the application.

We hope that you will find the SaabsUnited application for Nokia phones useful and if you have any questions you are welcome to ask in the comments sections below and we will try to answer them. 🙂

24 thoughts on “SaabsUnited application now available for your Nokia phone”

  1. SU is already nicely formatted for iPhone, and I presume Android as well, so what might one want from an iOS or Android app?

    I have written iOS apps before, just not sure what I could offer beyond the already adequate mobile web interface.

    • I haven’t hard-coded the application myself, it is created with Ovi App Wizard from Nokia and it is created in Java for the Symbian phones and Web Runtime for Series 40. I am learning to develop C++ applications but currently an application like this is a too big task for me. Qt is very interesting and I want to learn more about it and eventuallly we will maybe see a new SaabsUnited app written in Qt. 🙂

  2. I ditched Nokia after they dropped support for the N800/N810. Very wise choice since they now are moving to Windoze Mobile, ugh. Nokia seems to be desperately scrambling to get a foot hold in the global mobile market. Worst choice ever as first choice for an app, imho.

    • Actually my best cell phone ever. It just takes time to get used to these new touch screen phones (I have Nokia E7 now). In general as a finn I see some similarities with Saab and Nokia. Nokia cell phones are a bit in trouble now (not selling so well) and more and more people here are saying that Nokia is soon dead or somebody buys it cheaply out. Lots of talking against Nokia among finns. It is not so fashionable nowadays to have a Nokia phone when everybody are talking about iPhones etc. Still Nokia is a huge brand for us, maybe to only big one. I think as an example when I told I had bought new E7, some of my facebook friends told me that how I dare to buy Nokia cellphone, wait and see they hear and see me getting my new Saab 9-5 SC… I´m quite sure I get similar comments. What´s wrong with us scandinavians when so easily mobbing our brands when they are facing problems???

      • Guess I’m the oddball with an iPhone, Sony digital cam and SAAB 🙂

        I’m a total Apple fan too: I also have an iPad, Apple TV and Mac Book Pro. My old car had an apple sticker on it but I haven’t yet mustered the motivation to apply such a sticker to my SAAB (not even on one of the windows).

  3. Works fine on my Nokia N8, thanks a lot.
    Not using the widget though, because with the Nokia Reader I can subscribe to the SU RSS (as well as the inside Saab RSS). I would like it even better if the comments were included as well.

    BTW all my cameras are Canon and I”m no Apple fanboy. Nuts about my Saab though. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Making independent intelligent decisions to suit your own needs best ?

    • Yes, works fine on my N8 too.
      (Also driving Saab, using Canon cameras and no apples;-) )

      With the RSS-reader in Snaptu I get the comments from SU.

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