Sales in June

Today some countries where Saab is present will publish its registration figures. In May almost 1.700 Saabs were registered/sold in the markets we can follow, it is not much, but we all know that one of the reasons is the fact that no cars have been produced for a long time.

This month won’t be different, I’m expecting a total of 1.200 cars. It is really not much, but as people keep ordering Saab cars it shows that after production start those figures will rise rapidly.

In June some cars were built, and those have been sold or delivered to the customer who ordered it some weeks ago. Proof of that is this picture.

This is the first 9-3 Griffin sold in the Czech republic. Our source says that the owner is a long term Saab fan, but those are the ones that support the company even with the current problems the company is facing.

I also have some information on overseas markets. Canada and Taiwan are doing good. Canada is still growing, although I’ve also heard that they could have sold some more convertibles if they had some.

Taiwan expects to notice the effects of the current crisis in July, so maybe if the production starts within two weeks, the effects on that market will be very low.

8 thoughts on “Sales in June”

  1. Despite Saab does not sell new cars in Russia still now. Yesterday I’ve faced a strange concatenation of circumstances. Evening Thursday I met at least 7 Saabs (in body 9/3 of 2007…08 MY) during 30 minutes when I drove within one district of Saint Petersburg. It’s statistics is quite higher than A4 of the last re-styling for instance. And I thought (although I don’t believe signs) this is a sign of good luck … in the immediate future.
    New cars are not being sold still. But dormant demand takes a place not for a while yet. Residual cost in market of used cars (of 3 … 5 year-old) shows a growth.

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