Belgium: Special limited edition of…

…The Saab 9-3 Griffin convertible Nocturne Blue metallic only in Belgium . More info here.

Available in two versions at the participating dealers.

-Saab 2.0t Convertible Blue – M6
Turbo petrol engine – 163hp/320Nm – 6 speed manual
Average consumption 7.4 l/100km – CO ²
173 g /km
List Price: € 40.940($ 57.955) incl. VAT
Net price: € 30.990($ 43.870) incl.VAT
Advantage: € 9.950($ 14.085) incl. VAT

-Saab 2.0t Convertible Blue – A6
Turbo petrol engine – 163hp/320Nm – Automatic 6 speed
Average consumption 8.6 l/100km – CO ²
199 g /km
List Price: € 42.790($ 60.574) incl. VAT
Net price: € 32.240($ 45.639) incl. VAT
Advantage: € 10.550($14.934) incl. VAT

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A nice reduction for a superb engine…

Ruben NL

Simply WOW! 🙂
Beautiful colour on a convertible and a stunning discount; how cool is that?



The only problem with the 9-3 is that it IS old. It certainly doesn’t LOOK old!


Outstanding lines that will look at home in any driveway 30 years from now….

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