SUHRT: Petroleum and straight pipes

SaabsUnited Historic Rally Team: Here we go again!

Tomorrow, Wednesday 13´th of July to the 17´th of July the Midnightsun Rally will take place in Västerås, Sweden.

In light of this and the fact that Rally cars are in my heart, I grew up when Saab still had a factory team, I went to Sundbyberg in Stockholm yesterday to meet a group of people with a passion for Saab, Rally and Performance.

I am talking of course about, The SaabsUnited Historic Rally Team, SUHRT.

From your left: Bo Janzon, Christer Sundman, Micael Öberg, Mark “NTP” Marcon, An SU-writer in a red shirt and ofcourse Jörgen Trued.
(The picture is missing Jörgen’s better half, who shot the picture, but that’s for the best because otherwise you would not see us guys or the cars behind us)

Tim posted a video yesterday on shot right outside the restaurant Ciao Ciao in Stockholm.
Great food, a great company of seven, pleasant temperatures, a car lovin´ restaurateur and two wonderful 99’s.
Tim´s post can be found here

Cars, cars, cars

On Wednesday the launch of this year’s Midnightsun Rally will take place and SUHRT will be there with three cars. All the cars are as far as possible and intention, copies of their originals.

Replica of Publimmo Venere 99 turbo 1981. Swedish Rally 1981 Blomqvist / Sylvan
Muffler? Nah… Straight is the way. This is ear-porn

The replica of the Publimmo-Venere 99 turbo from the Swedish Rally 1981 then driven by Stig Blomqvist and Björn Cederberg, the car we are all leaning against in the first picture, is without it´s racing seats but instead have the original rear seat and chairs left to give others a chance to be driven in a rally car.. But at lower speeds of course. A very nice initiative. But if being used for harder driving, it’s only the cage, seats and seatbelts that are missing for it to be a complete rallycar.
This car is driven by Trollhättan born, and Formula 1 Computer genius, Fredrik Nyström with co-driver being Frederick’s uncle Klas.

Replica 1978 Saab 99CC Turbo in the rearview mirror. RAC 1978 Blomqvist / Cederberg

The full-fledged race cars, that will go at it really hard during the race, are replicas of cars driven by Stig Blomqvist with co-driver Hans Sylvan (# 2 Black 99CC Turbo CWZ 477) and Per “Pekka” Eklund with co-driver Björn Cederberg (# 8 White 99CC Turbo HZE 060) at the RAC Rally in 1978.

Today’s crews are:
White #8: Christer and Bo
Black #2: Jörgen and Micael

Bystander #1: NTP (But Really enthusiastic)

Replicas 1978 Saab Turbo 99CC x2. RAC 1978 Blomqvist / Cederberg and Eklund / Sylvan

Attention to detail

Jorgen and his merry gang have managed to put together extremely nice cars.Detailed work is very high and they spend so much time on the cars that the workshop has become like a second home.

Part of the workshop. Original decals. The red car is a future monster. Neighbor borrowing tools.

On the Publimmo-Venere car, original participant decals from the Swedish Rally 1981 are mounted. Jezz, those are rarities. There are more stickers from the era, but there are obviously reproductions aswell. The cars graphics stay true to the original except for sponsor Mello Wood Medical with the addition of their stickers. Representative from Mello Wood Medical is Mark Marcon, which we here at SaabsUnited know as North Toronto Punter or NTP. A Canadian Saab enthusiast of the first generation, former BMW driver, but from the first ride in a Turbo X, infected with Saab fever. Mark currently own a 9-3 Turbo X with a little extra punch. Rally cars have become a part of his life and the mere sight of a fine looking 99 makes him salivate.

Engines, gearboxes, yes everything on and in these cars are trying to replicate the original standard for race cars from the years it took place. Some items are from the time, others are modified standards and others newly manufactured to conform to the original. Even instruments in the cars, theses guys have managed to get a hold of.
I know that these cars are destined to be driven hard out there in the woods, but I shudder of discomfort with the idea to see anything broken or even scratched on these cars. They are just That nice!

Go and cheer the team on!

Well, that sure was a limited amount of text fro something this rich in information. There are enormous amounts of info to go through, write about and learn. I doo believe though that I have made my point clear. Go and see the race If you are able to!

I would like to thank the team for inviting me down to Stockholm. Nice to meet people I haven´t met before with the same “injury” as me.
Mark I have met before, and then, as now it’s an unforgettable experience. (What’s up with that dude eh? He said kindheartedly) When and if you meet him, be prepared for a large Canadian smile, an infectious laughter and tons of love for Saab.
I urge those who want to see many different type of cars, wide driving, bad shifting, frustration, perfect shifting, joy and the smell of hot turbocharged longitude mounted 4’s, to go to the race tomorrow or any of the other days.
And by all means, do not be shy to come forward and talk to the team. They do love to talk.

Lets all keep our fingers crossed that the guys are spot on in the grooves and stay hard on the accelerator to bring home some really nice positions!
The honor, well it is already very much theirs.



4 thoughts on “SUHRT: Petroleum and straight pipes”

  1. Nice that you report from SUHRT and the Midnight Sun Rally, Tompa! 🙂 I wanted to visit a rally stage this year but it seems like I won’t, unfortunately… 🙁

    However, is Convers Group a sponsor of SUHRT this year and will Vladimir Antonov drive one of the cars like he did last year?

  2. Thanks JH!

    It’s a merry bunch of people that SUHRT team. It was a joy visiting them.

    No Mr Antonov will not be driving this year. Lots are happening with Saab related things and loads of other obligations that he has with regards to Convers group aswell.


  3. I read in my local newspaper that the cars that will compete in the rally will stop in Uppsala on Friday, I really hope that SHURT will be a part of that stop!

    • I’ve contacted Jörgen and are waiting for a reply on that. Would be cool if thats the case. I live in Uppsala myself 😉


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