The 9-4x is arriving at the dealerships

Many people have asked during the last days about the 9-4x. I have no first hand information about it but those are two pieces of information that may clarify a little bit the current situation.

From the JustSaab fb-page:

Frank, No, Saab is not holding them for any other reason than to do normal prep and processing. They have to go to port from the factory. The process, is slow moving. You have to deal with US Customs, etc. and what should be a quick process never is. Saab is not exempt in this. I don’t believe we’ll see 4 – 6 weeks as Patrick’s dealer quoted. I am expecting (hoping) 2 weeks max. Finger’s crossed. AJM

The other is a comment from gryphon95

The new Griffins look great! Speaking of looking great, I was dropping off my 2001 9-3 for service last night at my local SAAB dealer (International Motors in Falls Church, Virginia – just outside of Washington, DC). I got a special treat – they were just getting their first deliveries of the new 9-4x! I had seen the exterior at the DC Auto Show, but this was my first time in the interior. WOW! SAAB has nailed this one. This little ute will totally delivers a style smack-down to its BMW, Mercedes, and Audi rivals. I can’t wait to drive one! Seeing it restored my confidence in SAAB, and I just hope that the recent troubles are behind us all.

So, yes it has taken a little bit longer than we all expected, but yes, the dealerships are getting their 9-4x. So, give your dealer a visit, and ask him about the 9-4x, if you are lucky you will see one.

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  1. Thanks @RED J. The new 9-4x really does look sharp. International Motors has two of them now (ready for delivery) with more on the way.

  2. Also, I forgot to mention. Like the Cadillac SRX that the new 9-4x is built beside in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, the new 9-4x will be transported by truck to the U.S. GM has worked out special expedited customs procedures for vehicles made there (as part of the agreements to build cars right across the border). I am sure that extends to the 9-4x, too. So, there should be quite a few arriving at dealers across the country over the next few days

  3. Any word on a SRX trade-in up program? 🙂

    Love the SRX platform and Saab design influence. Dislike the Caddy interior and controls design.

  4. So, yes it has taken a little bit longer than we all expected, but yes, the dealerships are getting their 9-4x. So, give your dealer a visit, and ask him about the 9-4x, if you are lucky you will see one.

    Something wrong there Red me mate… It ought to read:
    “if you are lucky you will see one and Buy it straight away” 🙂 Haha.

    Loving it!


  5. Listen to this!

    On 29 June 2011 I drove from Gothenburg to Helsingborg, i.e. a distance of 200 kms. During that trip I spotted the following:
    -2 White 9-4X:s. Approximately 10 kms between them. Any connection between them?
    -4 MY11 9-5 aeros
    -2 MY11 ordinary 9-5:s
    -1 Red 9-5 SportWagon !!(?)!! Some lucky ba***rd obivously got one out while production was up a few weeks ago.

    This in it self will not sort out Saab’s problems but it sure felt good and hopeful !

    • You’ve must have had an unfortunate luck at that time. Seeing new Saabs on the roads is the best advertising we could get, more of that. Let all available 9-5’s, 9-4,s and Griffins hit the roads and streets as much as possible, thats the way to go

    • I saw one black 9-5 SC today. They are not delivered to customers yet, pre-production cars. It was likey someone from Saab driving around in it.

  6. Nice! I live between Gothenburg Airport and Trollhättan, I think that SAAB drives international motor journalists thru my town (Gråbo) on route 190, they stop at Shell from time to time, anyway …a couple of weeks ago I saw no less than six new 9-5 at Shell and of them three(!) were wagons. I’ve spotted two or three 9-4x in the last weeks in the area as well (If I had the money I’d order one today, a beautiful machine!)

  7. Just got my 9-4x.

    I had a Premium on order, but the dealer (Saab in North Olmsted Ohio) received their first one yesterday – a black Aero, fully loaded. I put my butt into the seat, looked around and bought it on the spot before even driving it. Picked it up an hour or so ago.

    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

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