Tired of waiting II

It seems like Tim is not the only one tired of waiting. Our friend Vladimir Antonov seems also tired of waiting, and has decided to expand his collection of car related companies.

CPP (Coventry Prototype Panels), the company that has bought the sports-car division of Swedish Automobile, and Bowler has now taken over the Italian Design Studio Zagato.

It is not much known about the deal, not to say that not even the deal is known, but on the site of Zagato Milano the company credit reads CPP milano s.l.r.

18 thoughts on “Tired of waiting II”

  1. Well, Zagato is a great aquisition. They have a long heritage and have done lots of special models for Alfa, Aston, Maserati, etc. This could be awesome for Saab as well.

    • I wonder if Jason Castriota is just as enthousiastic about this as you are… Because should Antonov one day succeed in acquiring a part of Saab and to get some say-so in the company then he’s got a serious in-house design competitor.


  2. Well he can afford it with all the money him and VM are funneling out of saab………. Latin American Tug Holding, great! πŸ™

    • If WM vas all about running away with SAAB’s money i cant se why he did not do that a longtime ago instead of working so hard on getting himself a heart attack . You should read less Dagens Insustri and think more for your self.

    • Ah, ursaab! I tend to agree. Putin and I having a shared history regarding some training and one of the key components was the use of distraction. Make noise or do whatever but draw attention away from what is really happening.

  3. I just have to ask, what’s up with all the finger pointing around here now a days???SU seems to be a more hostile environment than just a few months ago. Maybe some people need top take a break from SU and let the emotions calm down….

    not pointing fingers, but dang guys, cool it a little…..

      • Nope, it’s not you. Some new unfriendlies have joined the ranks and even the old-timers have showed some abrasive behavior. You still can have that beer, though.

        • Us Saabophiles are conspiracy theorists by nature. Before we could blame GM for everything, now it’s a case of pick your target. We all need a common enemy again to point us in the same direction.

  4. Beers are the main reason for unnecessary forum-hostility. Trust me i know what i’m talking about. Also the fine nuances in the English language are hard to deal with if you are non native how ever good you think you are. anyhow.. i’m taking myself to serious now. enjoy the beer!

  5. Hmm, it seems that Mr Antonov is allowed to buy any other company than Saab… There is something wrong somewhere!

  6. Just a question: has the purchase of Spyker by CPP actually gone through yet? I’ve seen no press release of the deal closing, no change on the NV website, and so on. I know the deal was announced, but that’s not quite the same as closed!

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