Worlds largest Saab site?

Well, (local newspaper near where Tim lives nowdays) hasn’t found any bigger Saab site and they did an interview with my old friend 🙂

You find the original article here

..and a quick google-translate:


The world’s largest Saab Site is operated from Hjortsberga

His goal is to be the antithesis of mass-media reporting and to bring together people with the same interest; car brand Saab. Hjortsbergabon Tim Rokka owns the world’s largest Internet site for Saab.

The site is called SaabsUnited and has over 780,000 visitors a month.
The run is currently volunteering to thirteen persons scattered throughout the world and publishes a daily five to fifteen news stories about Saab. Hjortsbergabon Tim Rokka is helping to drive the site and is also the owner. He often has direct contact with both Victor Muller, CEO of Saab Automobile and shareholder Vladimir Antonov. In this way, he believes that he can give a different picture of the Saab than the media gives.
– The aim is to disseminate information on Saab and being a motbricka the remaining media. Bad news sells better, and we believe that the media does not always give the correct picture, but often tend to just want to make big headlines, he says, and develops his mind:
– We try to shed more light on what things mean, why they happen, what consequences they can get and if there is something positive in it all.
According to Tim Rokka has the appearance of Saab’s problem was that they have had difficulty selling their products even though they are of high quality.
– They have had a hard time because it is such a niche brand. There are a limited number of people who can afford to buy cars. But those who have test driven ever want is often not switch to another brand, he says, adding:
– But I see a positive future. The factory in Trollhattan will remain, I am completely convinced.

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Nice Tim. Good to see SU getting some coverage too and hopefully sending some more traffic to the site.


Way to go SU!!!



So good to see su recognized like this



BTW.. talk to a dealer in AlingsÃ¥s yesterday and asked him about Saab… Right now he got 40 deliveres to make.. one of those 40 had back out, and bought a Opel..(BOOOOOO).
Tried the ttid 130hk 0,45l/mil 119g Car also.. damn that was a nice car to ride!


Simply awsome!


It’s not just the size that counts ………………

Oh just kidding 😉


Superb Tim and congratualations to you and the team.
780000 visitors is impressive
Now if alle these visitors (if unique) would buy a new Saab, spread over 3 years (you may take the cheapest one available), Saab would be saved for once and for all


Great story. The only thing I miss is the mentioning of Swadeas the founder of SU!

w3c validator

Of course that would had been the best, but as journalist tend to write their stories and not always what we want depending on space in the printed paper, things doesn’t always get included as we want. I have several times been shortened in the article after giving interviews in other situations.

Motoradd's Cat

Not only the Worlds largest but also the best!

Keep it up.


But please take off the frightenening ad from the front page with that T-shirt. It reminds me the possible scenario of Saab, with that death angel as logo…

Red J

As I’m not seeing it, I do assume that you talk about a googlead. The ads you see are the ones Google thinks you are interested in depending of your browsing habits. 😉
So its up to you not to see that ad.


Hm…what can be wrong with my browsing habits?
🙂 🙂

Red J

Nothing, Google only uses stupid algorithms based on who pays Google the most money for the adverts 😉


Nice to see Saabs United mentioned in a newspaper! 🙂

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